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Valorant Player Apologizes For Misbehaving In VCT

Valorant Player Apologizes For Misbehaving In VCT
Written by: Weeii


Valorant player apologizes for misbehaving during Valorant Champions Tour Japan

What Happened


For many viewers, players tea bagging and shooting each other's corpses have been fun to watch. Some consider it “friendly banter” and some take it seriously and think it’s offensive to do that. 


As far as we knew, VCT did not have any rulings against that type of manner if it’s not excessive or serious. In fact, players do that in the biggest stages. 


The valorant player “Yuto ‘million’ Ueno” drove to Twitter to apologize for his misbehavior during the Valorant Champions Tour JAPAN playing under the team Murash Gaming. All he did is shoot the dead corpse of the last player alive on the opposing team. Now that is considered a form of “BM” or Bad Manners. 




It appears that he was informed by a tournament official that this is against the rules of VCT League and he tweeted as soon as his team advanced against IGZIST. 


The translation to the tweet is “I won't do corpse shooting anymore because it seems that it's against the rules of the VCJ tournament!! I'm sorry.” 


Which reforms an apology and states that BM might actually be against all VCT rules from now on. 


Although, these actions can resemble “bad manners” many use it as a form of mental pressure against the team. By doing so, you pressure the enemy and enforce them to want to do it back, aka win which might become harder for them with that mental blockage. But that doesn’t justify that it’s supposed to happen, but it can add clarity as to why players might do it. 


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