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The Reason Behind Sentinels Sudden Role Changes

The Reason Behind Sentinels Sudden Role Changes
Written by: Weeii

The reason behind Sentinel’s sudden change of roles that lead them to their first victory.

Sentinels First Win In VCT Americas


Sentinels is one of the most popular teams based in NA. Although they have made roster changes in the past, TenZ remained in the team which attracts many of the fans of the OG SEN team. 


During the VCT LOCK//IN tournament, Sentinels have played a total of 2 maps losing to FNATIC which eventually ended up being the tournament champions. While they didn’t seem like they stood a chance, they still showed that they have potential and the coach expressed that the team was just trying out and taking the tournament as a side play while they aim for VCT Champions. 


With that being said, Sentinels had a strong showing defeating 100 Thieves 2-1 in the show match starting the VCT Americas Debut. But here’s the twist, they looked different and that wasn’t in terms of performance only, but in the roles they played too. 


pANcada, the famous Brazilian controller player has shockingly switched to playing the lurker role, A.K.A Killjoy, and such. This change has also affected Sacy who switched from the initiator to the controller role with no prior experience. And that resulted into leaving dephh to play initiator on some maps and leaving flex/duelist for TenZ & Zekken. 




While you may have concerns regarding how the team will do on these roles for the long term, Sacy explained in a post match interview that these changes are accounted for and that they are comfortable with it. Although he has no prior experience, he stated that he switched from League Of Legends to VALORANT so switching a role would not bother him. 


And pANcada used to play primarily lurker roles, that’s why he seems experienced and comfortable. 

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