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Interview with Jay, writer for George’s Games

Interview with Jay, writer for George’s Games
Image Credit: Insomnia
Written by: Yoann


Yoann: Hello everyone, today with Jay from George’s Game! How would you introduce yourself?


Jay: Hey, I'm Jay. I've been gaming for a long time. I've been playing Valorant since Beta, but I'm not any good. 



Yoann: All good, what is George’s game?


Jay: George's game is a daily valorant trivia quiz that can be on anything. Stats, lore, images. It could be anything to do with Valorant, it’s free to play and can be played by all ranks.



Yoann: All right. What made you create your own mobile Valorant quiz?


Jay: So I and a couple of our friends play Valorant, and sometimes people can get maybe a little bit uptight and sweaty. But there's some really cool stuff to do with Valorant, with the lore and the storyline that they have going on. We wanted to create something where you can just immerse yourself in Valorant for a couple of minutes a day.



Yoann: That’s cool! So how challenging is it to create a mobile game with only a few coworkers?


Jay: There are two other people. I'm blessed, I don't do any of the developing. I am not a developer at all. I do all socials and any sort of campaigns. I also do the quizzes every day. The other two, Anton and George, are incredible developers. 



Yoann: That’s great! Are you planning on making more quizzes a day or different games inside the app?


Jay: Yeah, we've toyed with having multiple quizzes in a day. We actually did it a couple of weekends ago and it was pretty successful. We had one very, very early morning, American timezone. So it was good for EU players and we had a different cohort of players playing. That's one route that we're looking at, maybe doing two, three, or four quizzes a day on Valorant.

And then, the other thing we're looking at is doing two quizzes a day on Valorant and adding other games.



Yoann: That’s interesting! Where are you finding the ideas for ten questions each day?


Jay: A lot of reading. The Valorant lore fandom page has a lot, of course, Valorant themselves give some good ideas. And then, my friends, send me the most random screenshots of maps!

Sometimes some of the most basic questions will be the ones that trip people up. So yesterday as an example, we had, “How much damage does the vandal headshot do?” And we had a thousand people drop out because I think a lot of people second-guessed themselves. So yeah, there's so much content, it's quite easy to find.



Yoann: Are you getting ten out of ten when you play the game?


Jay: I do because I write the questions.

But there've been a couple of times where I am not home, so I have to do it from memory and still fail.



Yoann: Are you following Valorant esports?


Jay: Yeah, I do. Especially the bigger competitions, I’m a big 100Thieves fan! There are lots of good teams out there.



Yoann: Yeah, for sure. Who do we see winning the next Masters in Tokyo?


Jay: I don't know. I think the last couple of competitions have been really tight. It gives us really easy content because we're encouraging people to check out what's going on in the esports scene as well.



Yoann: That’s great! So now I'm going to ask you ten quick questions. You'll have to answer them as fast as possible. 

Phantom of Vandal.


Jay: Phantom.



Yoann: What's the exact name of Neon’s Sprint ability?


Jay: I don't know!



Yoann: It's a very difficult one. It's called “high gear”.


Jay: Oh, I did know that, we had that question the other day!



Yoann: iOS or Android?


Jay: iOS.



Yoann: What's your favorite agent?


Jay: Phoenix!



Yoann: Do you prefer getting an insane clutch on an ACE?


Jay: An insane Clutch! So much better than an ACE.



Yoann: What's your favorite skin bundle?


Jay: I'm old school, prime.



Yoann: Nice. Are you following Valorant’s Lore?


Jay: Yes. But if you ask me a question now, I'm probably going to get it wrong!



Yoann: What's your favorite map?


Jay: I actually like Ascent.



Yoann: Can you quote a voice line from Phoenix?


Jay: No, now that you've asked me, I can’t!



Yoann: All right! There's “C’mon let's go” his ultimate.


Jay: Oh yeah, and “Just take a seat, I got this” in the agent select!



Yoann: Final question. Are you boosted?


Jay: Yeah, I definitely am! My friends are good, I am not.



Yoann: For those who don't know, that was a joke on the name of George’s game twitter account! 

So now let's go back to the standard questions. 

What are your passions or hobbies outside from gaming?


Jay: I am a big Star Wars fan. I like collecting Funkos, but I’m also really big into football and hiking. I have two golden retrievers, so we go out quite a lot and, they make me touch grass!



Yoann: That’s important. How do you feel about the brand new Valorant meta?


Jay: It changes a lot. I do think we could do some changes because when you look at the pro teams, nearly every single team played the same picks. And I personally would like to see more pro teams pick different agent. 



Yoann: I've been talking with Paper Rex’s coach and I asked him why they were the only team at that time last year who picked every single agents during VCT 2022, and he just told me that they were testing funky compositions to break the game and find combinations that don’t make sense and kill people!


Jay: Well, sometimes that's what gets people.



Yoann: What are the short and long-term ambitions regarding George’s game?


Jay: Short term, get it to as many people as possible, so that people can enjoy it. Growth is important for us. And then long-term ambitions would be to be able to have some really big prize pools across multiple different games, and across multiple different time zones. So it'd be nice to be able to get to that state where there's something for everyone. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can play at least once a day, if not twice!



Yoann: For sure! What would you tell someone willing to create their own game or app?


Jay: I would say make sure that you submit the app to Apple first, it’s a lot harder compared to Google play store.



Yoann: Alright, is there anything else you wanted to add to this interview?


Jay: We've just launched Leaderboards, which I think are going to be exciting. The next update coming is custom leaderboards, which I'm personally excited for. Leaderboards for your friends, hopefully some creators, and brands as well!



Yoann: Awesome! Thank you so much for the interview, I wish you the best in the future!


Jay: Cheers. Appreciate it!

George’s Game Twitter: @areyouboosted


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