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ScreaM Explains How Karmine Corps Is Making A Comeback

ScreaM Explains How Karmine Corps Is Making A Comeback
Written by: Weeii

Many Thought ScreaM Can No Longer Compete At The Top, But He Is Back


It all started back when ScreaM and his brother made the controversial decision to leave Team Liquid and join Karmine Corps for personal and convenience reasons. Many started thinking that he will not be able to compete at the highest levels anymore as he will be in a completely new team formed from scratch, while others believed in his ability to pull it off and finally win a major. The moment ScreaM wins a major is a big one, as he never did in his CSGO career nor in VALORANT. 

At VCT LOCK//IN, KC (Karmine Corps) did not live up to the expectations and they got knocked out of the tournament. Right as VCT EMEA Splits began, they started on a 4 match losing streak that led many to give up on him and his team and think they are not up to the standard of the current Meta. But KC, has finally broke that loss streak and ScreaM Explained why he thinks they are now reformed to the better. 



ScreaM explains, that the reason they were struggling during the games even though they’ve put so much effort into practicing and preparing, is that they sort of overthought the problems. 


Now that he is back on more relaxed setting without the worry to overpush into tactical gaps, he feels much more confident and it’s showing on the server for him and the rest of his team. So now, are we ready to see ScreaM finally get to lift a trophy? 

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