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Riot Announce Their New CEO

Riot Announce Their New CEO
Written by: Weeii

Riot CEO Announces Stepping Down From The Position


This might be shocking and sudden news for everyone, but Riot's CEO has just made a statement regarding stepping down from his position to put more attention and care into his family. 


After 6 years of serving as the CEO, he will be relocating to France. Now you might ask, how will this change affect Riot? Well, it goes without saying that they have put a lot of time and dedication into finding a suitable person for this position. As they will ensure to make a smooth transition and hopefully keep thriving and improving as they always did.

The decision landed on “Dylan Jadeja” who is a Riot President. He will be taking over the CEO position, Nicole mentioned that this exchange will take a few months to ensure everything runs smoothly and without any issues. 


It goes without saying, we have a lot to thank Nicole for what he has done in those previous years, and a lot to look forward to with Dylan taking the lead at Riot. 

Will This Affect VALORANT?


Having a new CEO does not mean the company’s vision will change drastically, it only means that there will be a new lead striving to help Riot achieve its vision and ultimately the goals that we’re also dreaming of seeing in a video game. 


Short answer; Yes, this will have some sort of an impact which will more than likely be positive. That change will not drive Riot off their path or anything of that sort. 

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