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KRU Ends VCT America's Split On A 0-9 Scoreline

KRU Ends VCT America's Split On A 0-9 Scoreline
Written by: Weeii

KRU Esports End Split With A Devastating 0-9 Scoreline


While every team across the three international leagues fights their hardest to climb and qualify for the playoffs, some did not have it go their way and ended with an unfortunate scoreline. KRU Esports ends their VCT Americas Run with a 0-9 defeat, making it so that they didn’t earn a single win across matches played.


Surprisingly, that does not place them at the last place as another team “DetonatioN FocusMe” end their run with the same scoreline of 0-9, except they had only won 2 maps during their matches as opposed to KRU’s 5 maps collective wins. 


KRU did suffer from roster difficulties because of a member’s injury and they needed a substitute, in which Carlos ‘axeddy’ filled in for Santiago ‘DaveeyS’ in both Week 5 and Week 6.



For those who don’t know KRU, they were amongst the best teams in Latin America showing dominant performance across many leagues, they put up to the competition specially after knocking out Sentinels and going on a rampage in VCT Champions.

These losses are a part of every evolving team’s journey, KRU might be facing a hard time but it is a process of improving and becoming better. So sit tight, let’s wait for their comeback and cheer them up when it happens.

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