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Hiko Is Set To Make A Comeback To Counter Strike

Hiko Is Set To Make A Comeback To Counter Strike
Written by: Weeii

Hiko Reveals That He Will Be Returning To CS2 When It Comes Out


100T Hiko who is quite a popular VALORANT former professional player and current streamer, is set to return to CS2 when it comes out. With the game having an expected release date during the summer, many of his viewers started asking whether or not he will return to the game as he's resigned from playing VALORANT professionally, to which he answered that he thinks it's far better than valorant and that he might actually do it. 



Stating that the main reason for him to go back to CS2 will be the community, as he liked it much more during the old days he spent playing CSGO professionally. He also mentioned that he understands this could come from the age difference, as the VALORANT community targets more young audiences as opposed to CSGO and potentially, CS2. 


Although it isn't clear if he meant he will play the game professionally or not, we know that he will be streaming the game a lot as he said earlier during that clip of his stream. We know that if Hiko is to make a return, he will be greatly welcomed by the community, so do you think he might turn back and start a professional career once again? 

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