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Sentinels Step Up To Help Sick Get Therapy

Sentinels Step Up To Help Sick Get Therapy
Written by: Weeii

Sentinels Sick Apologizes For His Actions




During the last few months, we’ve all seen the fall of SEN SicK who is known as a great, kind person in the VALORANT community. However, in recent events, he has been acting out of his personality due to issues related to his personal life. It became clear after him getting arrested twice and the tweets he’s been making, that he is in need of help to get back on the right track. 


Previously, SicK did not acknowledge that he needed help of any kind. Instead, he insisted that he was doing more than okay and that everybody else is just assuming things, during streams, he would get mad at fans who would ask for him to take a break or rest.  


In his latest tweet, he apologizes for his actions and the harm he may have caused, reassuring the community that he will be getting to therapy with the help of Sentinels; as they will pay for his treatment.  

What Did Sick Do?


It’s definitely a step on the right track for him to finally listen to his close ones and get help, however, many might not know what exactly went down and what did he do wrong. 


For the most part, he has been acting out of personality, going as far as “harassing” girls over Twitter and saying that he wants a girlfriend urgently, there have also been tweets of him that tells he’s been taking drugs which might’ve worsened his case. 


He also seemed to share his constant want to meet Jenna Ortega who is a popular actress. Now that came off as creepy to many, especially with him constantly tweeting about her in inappropriate ways. 


It didn’t stop there, as he also took a deep dive into becoming the “president” and started to get involved in political topics which is something he never did before. 


Eventually, twitch led to ban him from the platform multiple times, some of which were not specified a reason but we all knew it was for the better so he can stop streaming and focus on getting better. 


It comes to a good step eventually as he apologized and is now ready to take accountability and hopefully recover through getting professional help.

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