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yay is eliminated from VCT as DSG fails to qualify

yay is eliminated from VCT as DSG fails to qualify
Written by: Weeii

Yay is eliminated from VCT as DSG ends their journey for this season


Yay is one of the most talented players in VALORANT, aside from being disputedly the best player a little back in time. That being said, he might just be facing the hardest time of his career as Disguised Toast fail to qualify and earn a spot in Challengers which inevitably means their VCT Run is over for this entire season. 




For those who don’t know, Cloud 9 had dropped yay mid-way in the season due to “role issues” which many of the fans saw as a really inappropriate move as it inevitably affected his career. Although he was able to find a signing with DSG, the team couldn’t make it over to the Ascension League. 




If you’re a fan, now is the best time to show your support as it’s present how upset yay is after not being able to qualify; let alone have nothing to do for the remainder of the season. We all know that he is very capable of competing in the best leagues there are, but sometimes, things don’t go our way. 


Although, we can always hope for a chance for yay to show up again in any roster during the events running this year, which can be unlikely as rosters are always locked in and it’s not always easy to make such chances mid season.


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