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The Only Agent With 0% Pickrate On VCT Tokyo

The Only Agent With 0% Pickrate On VCT Tokyo
Written by: Weeii

The Only Agent With 0.00% Pick Rate In VCT Masters Tokyo


As we have just ventured through the second international event of year 2023 for VALORANT, VCT Tokyo just ended crowning FNATIC as the Champions once again. Now, throughout this entire tournament, there is only one agent that has never been picked not even once. 


With over 20 matches played during the tournament, you would expect to see the full VALORANT agent pool which we almost got to see, except for one left alone agent. Now if you are to take a guess, what would it be? Phoenix? Reyna? Or even Chamber. 


Surprisingly enough, all of these previous agents were picked. All thanks to Paper Rex, Evil Geniuses and NRG that helped to demonstrate these agents at least once throughout the tournament. 


Ironically, as the event was hosted in Tokyo, the hometown of Japan, it is the lead to the agent we never got to see. Yoru, the Japanese duelist that always laid back in the meta. 


With 0% Pickrate, Yoru did not make an appearance to stage not even once. Even though teams like Paper Rex have always been running a Yoru in the past, we never had the honor to see it in Tokyo.

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