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Replay System Is Coming To VALORANT China

Replay System Is Coming To VALORANT China
Written by: Weeii

VALORANT China Launch Accompanied With A New Advanced Replay System



Per the events where VALORANT has been unblocked and allowed to become of the Chinese limited game pool and the Chinese team entering the Esports scene, we will also witness an official launch for the game in China where they have announced some important and cool things. 




The launch of VALORANT China will be accompanied by an all-new replay system built by WEGAME. It will be called “Fearless Moment” and it is one of the few things they announced that will be strictly available to the Chinese region. 


There are other things like the exclusive knife skin that they will be able to obtain and the launch of the Arcane bundle for the region once again. 


This new advanced replay and recording system will allow for instant upload to highlights such as kills, deaths, and more. It will also provide you with deep statistics that will be a game changer for any game analyst or even coaches. 


Some say that it will function like Outplayed, which is undetermined yet but for all we know, it will allow you to have both a replay and a recording system that we were not able to get for the past 3 years playing VALORANT. Even though, it has been a popular demand, Riot never seemed to get it done. 



When Do We Get A Replay System?


As far as we know, Riot have adopted the idea of making a replay system and it was under early development last time we received update. As these news kick in, we might hear from their next Dev Dairy about how things are going with that and potentially receive a few new updates. 

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