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G2 Gozen Makes A Sudden Change To Their Championship Roster

G2 Gozen Makes A Sudden Change To Their Championship Roster
Written by: Weeii

G2 Gozen Announces A Surprising Change To Their Championship VALORANT Roster


G2 Esports announced a sudden change in their roster just approximately a month before Game Changers Series 2 starts. This change will take effect to their player Mary who has held to be a pillar member of the team throughout the events they played. 




As Mary will take a break from competing to focus on her studies, the team was forced to find a quick stand-in which happened to be introduced.

Sarah, a VALORANT player from the United Kingdom who has been competing in VALORANT since 2022 will take her spot. She makes a great candidate as she has competed previously and qualified for both VCT GC EMEA 1 and 2 with her previous team Sabes Impact. 


That does not mean that Mary will be removed from the roster as Sarah was enlisted as a “stand in” which more than likely means Mary will come back at one point to continue playing under G2 Gozen. 

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