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Everything About The Aim Community & VALORANT Pros Drama Explained

Everything About The Aim Community & VALORANT Pros Drama Explained
Written by: Weeii

How The Aim Community Drama Reached VALORANT 


The aim community is a group of people who are passionate about aiming and try unique and extreme methods to advance in that skill, mostly through aim trainers. You might have heard of them through seeing one of the bigger and more known aim groups such as Voltaic or Revosect. 


One of the notable people in the Aim community known as “Aimbot Neon” who has collectively earned a reputation of being toxic and not pleasant to go along with made a tweet about VALORANT’s first spread and how it makes no sense for a competitive game to function the way it does (First Shot Inaccuracy)

G2 ShahZam, a well-known VALORANT professional answered his tweet explaining that the game encourages you to put yourself in positions of power, as opposed to Aim Trainers where you are accurate at all times. Mostly, everyone agrees that in a tactical first-person shooter you would want these factors to play a part (guns, first spread, distance, positioning etc) 


However, “Aimbot Neon” did not seem to respond well to ShahZam’s reasonable point as he responded with “See you in Dallas buddy” which ShahZam did not understand. Upon clarifying, he was referring to the Aim Training tournament that will take place in Dallas with some professional Valorant players invited.

In his reference, he meant to tell ShahZam that he or any other Valorant professional stand no chance, although, he mentioned this point in an unrelated note with a passive-aggressive tone that made the community give him quite the backlash. 


Derke responded to the tweet saying that not all pros practice their aim for 3+ hours as they have other things to do while a fellow member of the aim community responded to him apologizing on behalf of the picture Neon is painting about the community. 

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