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Disguised Toast Sign A New Game Changers Roster

Disguised Toast Sign A New Game Changers Roster
Written by: Weeii

Disguised Toast Signs A New Game Changers Roster


Disguised Toast, a team run by a single person aiming to bring good to the Esports scene is making another move, by signing a female roster to compete in the next Game Changers. While Disguised failed to qualify in all of their previous tournaments, they ceased operations until they make a decision of whether or not will they continue in the Valorant scene. 




Here we see, that Disguised made the decision to continue by signing this strong roster that will compete in the very next Game Changers Event (Series 2) that will start beginning this Thursday, 13th Of July

The Roster


Unlike last time, the signing to this roster seems more serious and tailored to win. As the last time Disguised signed a Game Changers roster it had some “content creators” which led the community to believe it wasn’t an attempt to win the event. The lineup going to the event will be: 


This will be an important step for Disguised as they look to earn a victory to justify the money Toast has invested into the scene at a loss. While he still maintains a loss in his investment, he is doing it for the good of the community and that is something to admire regardless of the results. 


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