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Sentinels End Their Season With An Unknown Future

Sentinels End Their Season With An Unknown Future
Written by: Weeii

Sentinels Lost Their Elimination Match In LCQ


The fan favorite team Sentinels got eliminated from VCT Americas Last Change Qualifier, which was their last opportunity to qualify and earn a spot in VCT Champions later this year. 


That also means we will not be seeing any TenZ on the international stage for Champions this year. While this is saddening, TenZ has expressed that the team did put in a lot of work and effort this time but they still ended up with the same result. 


In TenZ’s latest tweet, he expresses how disappointed he is at the final result whilst he still enjoyed and appreciated everyone beside him on the team. Sadly, this will mark the end of the season for Sentinels and that can lead to all of their players going as Free Agents. 


Coincidentally, both of the strongest downfalls for Sentinels happened to be by Latin teams. Previously as they got knocked out by KRU, and now by Leviathan in LCQ. 


Although so much happened, there seems to be no intention of TenZ or any other players to quit competing. But, as for the players, their contract ends near Champion's conclusion which essentially means, this can be very likely the last time we see TenZ on a Sentinels Jersey. 

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