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FaZe Release Their Valorant Roster

FaZe Release Their Valorant Roster
Written by: Weeii

FaZe Drops Their Valorant Roster 


When you think of Esports, one of the very first names that will come to mind is FaZe Clan as they have been an icon in this field and arguably are the ones who shaped the scene to become more extensive and successful. That of course includes their part in the VALORANT scene. 




Recently, FaZe Clan decided to release their VALORANT roster saying goodbye to 5 professional players that tried their best during the NA Challenger Circuit. While they did not live up to expectations, they gave it their best shot, showing that FaZe was trying to get out of a struggle and win. 


With the first event in the NA Challenger League, they went 2-3 in their group which essentially put them away from qualifying. But that wasn’t their last chance, as they played again and went 3-2 in their groups, slightly better but yet, not enough to qualify to NA Ascension league. 


Failing to qualify for such an important event surely took a massive role in this decision to be made. It is worth noting that FaZe had been struggling outside of the game as well, as many issues were raised and with that, nobody knows if they will be competing in VALORANT again, the future remains uncertain.

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