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The Union Announces Their Departure From Valorant And Speaks Up

The Union Announces Their Departure From Valorant And Speaks Up
Written by: Weeii

Another Professional Organization Leaves Tier 2 Valorant And Speaks Up About The Scene


Recently, the debate of Tier 2 Valorant has been an ongoing debate as organizations and players spoke up about the facts on how harsh it is for any team to be successful or take a venture into Tier 1 with little of opportunities provided for that. 




Today, another Brazilian organization named “The Union” announced their departure from the scene while stating harsh facts about the reality of being a Tier 2 team. As mentioned, all of the Brazilian teams ended up leaving or pausing investments in the scene.

Similarly, even organizations (Such as G2, FaZe, etc)  in NA Challenger’s League dropped their roster, although it isn’t clear if they will completely leave Tier 2 Valorant. 




In their last statement, the team talked about how hard it is to maintain a Tier 2 Team even with success and potential talent. Placing 3rd in VCT Americas Ascension League and winning Challengers twice is a huge accomplishment but yet, they couldn’t make it worth the investment. 



“The format proposed by Riot for 2024 does not include professional organizations. It does not include companies and players who make a living from it while they work, it does not include professional athletes and the structure they demand to achieve competitive excellence.


It's understandable that Riot sees the VCB, or Tier 2, as just a hotbed of talent for the franchised league. But we must remember that, without a sustainable league, it is much more difficult to reveal new and great talents.


In this scenario, The Union is forced to withdraw from the competitive Valorant scene, absolutely against our will. It is against logic for a two-time Brazilian champion to withdraw after winning everything.”


The Union, said. 

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