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VCT Champions Gets Heated With Player Trash Talk

VCT Champions Gets Heated With Player Trash Talk
Written by: Weeii

Valorant Champions Los Angeles has been a pretty exciting event with more to come. The competition is more fired than ever, with all the teams aiming to be crowned the new Valorant Champions. However, one of the unique aspects of this event is the heated trash talk between its players. While it is usually punishable, there seem to be no restrictions to players BMing in-game.



Valorant Champions Gets Heated With Player Trash Talk


It is no news that trash-talk brings a lot of hype to Esports. While some take it offensively, most players do it to hype the competition and bring in some fun aspect to the gameplay. Although Riot used to punish players for doing actions such as teabagging bodies in-game or cursing in official streams, which brought the whole BM (Bad Manners) down. 




Recently, especially after the criticism received to EG Demon1’s actions during his opening match, the community imploded on how positive/exciting it is to have trash talk and that it does not hurt at all. 




Ever since, Demon1 is on his “villain arc” saying that he does not care. He also appeared to curse, which so far did not bring him any fines or punishments. 




It doesn’t stop here, as even his teammate Boostio responded to “heated” comments with a more aggressive answer.

"I don't even know who that kid is, so the comments don't really matter. We’ll see if they make it out of groups. Good luck” Boostio, said. 


Even popular streamers like Tarik spoke about the debate saying we should reward players for trash talking instead of trying to stop it. He believes it brings a sense of competition and hype that we all miss in Esports. 


It is important to know that all of these comments are not serious, player BM is common in Esports and none of these players take it to heart. Instead, they do it to hype up matches and make it more entertaining to the viewer. 

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