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Boaster Reveals The Truth About Becoming An IGL

Boaster Reveals The Truth About Becoming An IGL
Written by: Weeii

The Story Behind Boaster’s Great Success


We all see FNATIC’s great success, winning 2 international events in a row and seeming to swipe the third completing a flawless year of competition. While all players and staff take part in that success, there is an undeniable impact that only IGLs (in-game leader) have.

Boaster, showing up on the most recent Valorant video, speaks about how he made it to the league and it was not easy. Many think top-tier players haven’t had their hard beginnings as they are popular, but the reality is, we all struggle at the start and boaster is not any different. 


He was asked a question, about why he chose to become an IGL. His response was,

“In Valorant, it was because no one would sign me,” “So I decided to make my own team.”

“That is really sad, I have to say” Saadhak said in response.


Before becoming a world champion, Boaster has his humble beginning trying to compete in CS:GO and League Of Legends. As he made the switch to Valorant, he decided to become the shot caller (IGL) as otherwise, nobody gave him a chance.

He ended up getting signed with FNATIC where he created this team, that today, won 2 international events and seems to be unbeatable. Boaster then, earned everyone’s respect, to finally lift a trophy, but not once, twice, and aiming for the third. 


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