Riot Makes A Controversial Decision Regarding Map Pool Changes

Riot Makes A Controversial Decision Regarding Map Pool Changes
Written by: Weeii

Many saw it coming, many others did not. Today Riot announced the change coming to the map pool, it will take place at the start of Episode 7 Act 2, removing Pearl & Fracture as Breeze takes its part in the pool once again. That said, Breeze has been changed once again and will appear in its new form next act.

Riot Gets Criticized By Valorant Pro Coaches Upon Map Removal Decision 


Although a change regarding Valorant’s map pool is necessary, this is not what the community has hoped for. More specifically, the Esports scene. As some pros responded with crucial feedback that they think Riot perhaps overlooked. 




Erik, NAVI’s head coach gave his feedback regarding this change.

“Removing the two best/most interesting maps where teams had different approaches,” Erik said.


“Time to just go simple booring valorant with fixed meta” he added. 


Following his feedback, the head coach of team FOKUS added:



“Taking out fracture.. That map was designed for creativity and agent diversity.” 


Coach Johny agrees with Erik saying that Fracture is a creative map, allowing teams to have different approaches without having to stick to one fixed meta which made the game a lot more interesting. 


With these changes, we might witness Valorant coming back to the old days of having only a few correct ways of playing the game, or maybe newer things will thrive, we don’t know yet. 

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