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Most Picked Agents In VCT Champions 2023 On Every Map

Most Picked Agents In VCT Champions 2023 On Every Map
Written by: Weeii

Valorant Champions 2023 concluded as one of the most incredible international events in the game’s history so far. With that, we open the gates to learn from those playing this game as a profession and bring valuable knowledge with their unique gameplay. Today we will break down the most used Agents, overall, and map by map to help you get a better understanding of how compositions are put in the highest level of play. 


Most Used Agents In Champions 2023


Ever wondered what professional players at the highest level choose to play in their most important games? Here is a list taken from of the best-picked agents across every role (Overall): 


  • Sentinel: Killjoy with an astonishing 46.67% pick rate. The agent has been played for over 1200+ rounds during the tournament.

  • Controller: Viper dominated the lead with a 42.50% pick rate. This agent has been played for around 1200 rounds during the tournament.

  • Initiator: Skye comes at the very top with a fascinating 41.67% pick rate. This means the agent has at least been played in 1100+ rounds of the tournament.

  • Duelist: Raze shockingly dethrones Jett as the most picked duelist with a 43.87% pick rate. This agent has been played over 1200+ rounds during Champions.

Fun fact: Killjoy has the highest pick rate across all maps and is one of the few agents that did not get any nerfs in the new patch. (Aside from the ult orb increase)



Most Used Agents In Champions 2023, By Map


Now, it’s time for you to see the dominating agents in each map. As team compositions vary, this should guide you to have a general idea of what are the best agents to play in every map of the game: 



Pick Rates On Ascent


Ascent is one of the maps that has seen consistent team compositions across the year, Jett and Omen are leading the chart with a 71.88% pick rate.



Pick Rates On Bind


Bind saw many variations when it came to team compositions, but there was a consistent trio that always took part in team comps. Raze, Viper, and Skye lead with a 73.68% pick rate.




Pick Rates On Fracture


It comes with no surprise that Breach is the most picked agent on Fracture with an astonishing flat-out 90% pick rate.





Pick Rates On Haven 


The agents Killjoy and Jett seem to dominate the charts on Haven with an 83.33% pick rate.





Pick Rates On Lotus


In Lotus, it is no surprise Raze is a dominating pick as she scores a 75% pick rate during Champions.





Pick Rates On Pearl 


Once again, the phenomenal duelist Jett leads the list with an 81.25% pick rate.





Pick Rates On Split 


Lastly, Skye shines again on Split with a 68.18% astonishing pick rate.





Note: VCT Champions 2023 was played at an older patch meaning any of the recent nerfs are not effective during the competition.

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