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Most Picked Guns In VCT Champions 2023 On Every Map

Most Picked Guns In VCT Champions 2023 On Every Map
Written by: Weeii

With a variety of weapons available to purchase in Valorant, it is crucial to know which guns are meta (strongest, as the trend presumes)  so you shop wisely in the buy phase. Today, we will show you the best Valorant Weapon Stats (according to of VCT Champions 2023 to help you see which guns are best on every map.

Not only will this solve your typical Phantom vs. Vandal debate, but it will also unveil what professional players prefer to use and why. 



Most Used Guns In VCT Champions 2023

It is no surprise that Valorant pros know what they are doing, as they play the game at the highest of levels and most often, they make the right choices and shape the meta of the game. So what do they use most during their most important matches? Let’s find out: 


  • Pistols: The Classic leads the list as the most used pistol with a 6.56% pick rate over all other guns in the category.

  • Rifles: This might come as a shock to some, but the Vandal dominates the charts with an incredible 42.71% pick rate throughout the tournament. (As opposed to an 18.79% pick rate for the Phantom)

  • SMGs: The Stinger leads the list with a 2.49% pick rate throughout Champions.

  • Snipers: It is no wonder that the Operator will be the most used as opposed to its weaker alternative, the marshal. The gun has a 3.84% pick rate throughout the event.

  • Machine Guns: The Odin is the most used machine gun with a 0.95% pick rate throughout the event.

  • Shotgun: Lastly, the Judge is the most used shotgun with a 1.09% pick rate.

Pick Rates On Ascent 


On Ascent, you can notice a higher percentage using heavy guns (Odin, Ares, etc.) to benefit from the high penetration on this map.





Pick Rates On Bind 


The Vandal continues to eliminate the Phantom and win the debate, coming right at the top with a 42.98% pick rate on Bind.





Pick Rates On Fracture 


While most of the players force using the Specter, it is apparent that Bulldog is always consistently a few ranks above it when it comes to pick rate. Bulldog seems to be the better gun for your force/bonus round.





Pick Rates On Haven


The Phantom still places second by a mile losing to the Vandal, but you can notice a significant increase on the map Haven due to how small the spaces are and the amount of smokes placed throughout the chokepoints. It ends up with a 20.93% pick rate.




Pick Rates On Lotus


The Vandal witnesses a significant dominance on Lotus with a 45.29% pick rate.




Pick Rates On Pearl




The Operator on Pearl sits at an incredible 5.10% meaning pros definitely prefer to take that fight on B Long.


Pick Rates On Split


On Split, you can notice an increase with the Stinger's pick rate at 3.07%.

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