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Yay Confirms His Return To Franchised League

Yay Confirms His Return To Franchised League
Written by: Weeii

Valorant’s former “best player of all time” will be in the franchised league once again. The long-awaited GOAT, yay, confirmed that he will return to the scene in a partnered spot.



The Goat Is Back

Yay was known for his dominant performance during the international events he played, winning Reykjavik 2022 and earning the MVP of the series. But after his great rise, sadly was a downfall that was outside of his control. 

After his time with OPTiC came to an end, yay was obtained by the franchised team Cloud9. Playing a few games under the organization, the team made the decision to let him go as they faced “role issues”.

However, this happened right before the league’s start which essentially prevented yay from finding a good opportunity for the next season.

After that, he played under DSG, which was not a franchised team and he couldn’t take it out from Tier 2 (Challenger’s League). After failure to qualify, the team disbanded. 


Now, in the present time, yay tweeted that he will be in a franchised team, which gives us hope to see yay in the next split and hopefully witness the all-new great El Diablo. Although, we do not know what team that is, some rumors say it could be Sentinels or an another org, it remains unknown.

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