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Rumors About Female Pro Turned Down From Tier 1 By Males

Rumors About Female Pro Turned Down From Tier 1 By Males
Written by: Weeii

Valorant community is in absolute shock hearing about upsetting news regards Mel, a professional player who seems to miss team trials in Tier 1 solely because of her gender. The situation has received further clarification, here’s what you need to know: 



Sexism In Tier 1 Valorant


In a clip taken by a live stream and provided by the journalist Jake Lucky, it has surfaced that players from the Game Changer scene have been denied opportunities in Tier 1 Valorant just because of their gender. The claim is that players refused to play with a woman on a team.




However, that might not be entirely true as the community’s feedback brought a lot of perspectives to take in mind before jumping in and calling Tier 1 Teams sexist by any means. 




Slasher, who originally was in the clip, clarified some really important information about the situation. He said: 


“in some scenarios that meL was unable to trial for teams, it was due to her buyout or other reasons that had zero to do with sexism. mixed gender esports teams should absolutely be more commonplace than they are now, and I don't want this situation to further us from that reality” 


From that, we conclude that the chances of a professional Valorant player in a Tier 1 organization would not be able to refuse to play with someone just because of their gender as that is pure sexism. There are many other factors to consider such as buyouts, environments, and more. 

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