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Red Bull Home Ground 4: Dates, VALORANT Teams, Stream and Tickets

Red Bull Home Ground 4: Dates, VALORANT Teams, Stream and Tickets
Written by: GreenMcqueen

If you indulge in video games or are at least a fan of it, you will also be entirely invested in esports. You look forward to cheering teams or players you support and watching satisfying professional gameplay. One of the competitions fans look forward to yearly is the Red Bull Home Ground, which is on its 4th edition this year. Fans who can't travel down to watch this can get in on the excitement on the net.





What Is Red Bull's Home Ground?


Red Bull Home Ground is a VALORANT competition hosted yearly by Red Bull. VALORANT is a free-to-play first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games. Whilst VALORANT is only available on Windows computers, it is still widely played across the globe. Hence, a lot of fans look forward to this competition yearly. 


The competition mainly consists of teams directly invited and teams who go through qualifiers. Each face-off in the competition has two rounds or more if the first 2 were a draw. It works in a 5v5 home and away format where the team at home gets to pick a map they are comfortable with for the round. Players at home will pick maps they have had enough practice in to gain an advantage over their opposition. This competition is strictly against using cheats or hacks and the exploits of bugs or glitches in the game.


In its rules, perceived game exploits are open to review by an admin. If you're interested in other net competitions, there is a possibility to try Australian Internet pokies. Players spin the reels to match symbols in specific combinations to win prizes, so it's a great way to try luck at online casinos.



Red Bull Home Ground 4


This year's event is the 4th edition of the competition series that will be hosted in November in Tokyo's famous Ryogoku Kokugikan. It is a widely known sumo wrestling arena that can seat up to 10,000 people. Although the competition's prize pool has not been announced yet, players and fans remain excited. 


The main event starts from the 3rd of November to the 5th, following the Japan and EMEA qualifiers. The VALORANT teams invited to this competition are ZETA Division, Cloud9, FNATIC, 100 Thieves, DRX, and SCARZ. Japanese qualifiers held in September will run from the 11th to the 24th. A total of 8 teams will be battling out on VALORANT's maps for a mouth-watering cash prize. 



Stream and Tickets


The upcoming event is gearing up to welcome fans from across the globe, with approximately 6,000 coveted tickets set to grant access to the in-person spectacle. Ticketing will be structured around a tiered system to accommodate varying budgets to ensure accessibility for diverse audiences. For those eager to secure their spot, the initial tier starts at a reasonable ¥4,000 (equivalent to $27.39). However, for enthusiasts seeking the ultimate experience, the premium tier beckons with the classic Masu seating package priced at ¥24,000 (approximately $164.40) for the weekend. 


This premium option promises an authentic and immersive journey within the heart of the arena, guaranteeing a memorable and unparalleled event experience. For fans who wish to participate in the event via the Internet, the competition will be available for streaming on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Further announcements also inform us that multiple languages will be available for streaming, though the organisers have not released any details about the wording to be covered. 



How to Qualify for Red Bull Home Ground


Of the eight spots in the tournament this year, 6 were direct invites from the organisers — Red Bull. The teams invited are outstanding, well-known teams who have performed multiple times in standard competitions. One of the other slots is reserved for the winner of the Japan qualifiers and the other for the EMEA qualifiers. For your team to compete in the event, you have to qualify for and win the qualifier rounds for the event. Your team will have to play through many selection matches to get a chance in the qualifier rounds. 



Popular VALORANT Gaming Organisers


All the gaming bodies listed below host multiple VALORANT competitions every season. There is more to experience after Red Bull's Home Ground. 


  • Game Changers. Game Changers host a lot of competitions in VALORANT gaming with mouth-watering prizes. Their tournaments are split into stages and regions: Brazil, North America, China and Korea. Some of Game Changers' prize pools can go as high as $80,000. 
  • Nerd Street. Apart from its regular competitions, Nerd Street is known for its Youth League (NYSL), a competition that is open to young gamers of all levels. While most have an age limit, NYSL allows young talents to showcase their skills. With as many as 64 participants, Nerd Street's tournaments can be very competitive. 
  • Champions Tour and Challengers League. Champions Tour and Challengers League are esports contests hosted by Riot Games, the developers of VALORANT. Popularly called VCT, the champions tour features multiple events across the season that converge the top teams to the final rounds of the game. The ultimate tournament is simply called VALORANT Champions. VALORANT Challengers League, on the other hand, is an international competition open to top teams in a specific region. There are sub-region events under the major league where qualified teams will be selected for ascension. An ascended team gets a two-year automatic stay in the league before having to compete in the sub-regional events again. 
  • Esports Management Group (EMG). EMG series is yet another worldwide VALORANT esports event. The knockout tournaments occur in different regions, gathering the best for a final round. Esports Management Group also hosts a league where qualified pro teams continuously face each other. 
  • Insomnia Gaming. Insomnia Gaming Festival is a convention that features gaming, displaying and much more. VALORANT is among the numerous games that fans compete in at this convention. For any esports fan, that festival is a paradise you wish to experience again. 


Apart from standard professional gaming competitions hosted by some of the organisers above, there are other events to anticipate, including contests for participants in colleges or universities to represent their institution and even charity tournaments hosted by UNICEF. Now is the time to reserve your spot in this year's most exciting VALORANT event with a ticket to Ryogoku Kokugikan. Even if you can't make the trip, remember to join the live-action streams on YouTube and Twitch. Sit tight if you have an insatiable thirst for action; there are many more VALORANT events to look forward to!

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