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Valorant Mobile: Everything You Need To Know

Valorant Mobile: Everything You Need To Know
Written by: Weeii

Valorant Mobile, also known as “Project C” has been getting a lot of attention lately as clips surfaced revealing the gameplay, features, agents, animations, and more. Here you will find everything you need to know about the upcoming Mobile version of Valorant. 


Gameplay & Animations


The mobile version of Valorant has been in the works for several years. Just so recently, it entered the testing stage in China with some neat clips surfacing to reveal that it’s going to look like. 




The game will be very similar to what it is on the PC, and so far it seems pretty nice and capable of becoming the next mainstream game of mobile Esports. 




It doesn’t stop there, as it seems the mobile version will be getting exclusive features like the replay system that is heavily demanded and long-awaited. While it’s upsetting to not get this on PC, it means we’re a step closer to the feature being implemented in the PC version. 




While at the core it will be the same Valorant you saw on PC, it isn’t entirely the same as there are touches here and there especially in regards of Agent and MVP animations. 

Is There A Release Date?


As far as we know, Riot hasn’t announced an official release date yet. This might be disappointing but with the new leaks surfacing, we know we are very close to getting something official. 

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