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The Newest Night Market Release Date & More

The Newest Night Market Release Date & More
Written by: Weeii

We all love getting new skins, especially those that come at a discounted price. You heard it right, it’s that time of the cycle, and Valorant’s Night Market is just around the corner. Here, you will find everything you need to know from what is the night market, when it’ll take place & more.



When Is The Night Market Coming?


Episode 7 Act 2’s Night Market will launch on the 11th of October. And it will last for a whooping 19 days as it ends on the 30th of October. Now if you noticed, most night markets lasted for around 20~ days, while this one is only 1 day less it sets the standard for how long the market will be around. 




This is the 19th generation of the night market, and it may be your chance to get the skin of your dream at a discounted price. However, remember that some bundles are not included and any skin at the price range of 4350 VP will not be featured either.

How To Find The Night Market


The night market can be easily spotted by navigating to the top-right corner of your screen as soon as you launch the game. It’ll appear on a card logo, and clicking it will open up a unique store for you that is up to you to unveil and see what you have. 


So, make sure you save up those Valorant Points just in case you get lucky, cause you very well might! 

What Do I Get In My Night Market?


The skins you get in the Night Market are completely randomized, therefore there is not set criteria for what may show up. However, as mentioned earlier expensive skins are not included & there is what Riot calls “Bad Luck Protection” where there is a minimum of the type of skins you get, just so you don’t get extremely unlucky. 


Knowing that you can’t reroll your skins, the bad luck protection will further enhance your chances of getting good skins.

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