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Smoke Changes Get Controversial As Players Are Unsatisfied

Smoke Changes Get Controversial As Players Are Unsatisfied
Written by: Weeii

Valorant is a striving keep, with each update comes new changes that either aim to enhance the gaming experience or open gates to new things in it. One of the changes coming to light is for Smokes Fading, in which it will play a visual effect accompanied with an audio cue to make it stand out that the smokes is going to fade. 


Players Arent Happy About This Controversial Change


While the intent for this change is to be a “quality of life” adjustment, players, more specifically pros are not happy with it. It has received a lot of negative feedback and it has a valid concern. 




“Lets lower the skill gap even more for the people that play just a few games a month.” Nukkye, said. 


The main argument is how this change will narrow the differences between a “good” and a “better” player. While smokes always used to play audio cues, they are not as apparent as in the video and players usually revert to counting to know when exactly the smoke is fading, which is a skill that could differentiate between players.




One of Riot's employees tweeted asking for valid criticism as to why players think this is a bad change, however, the debate continues to provide the same points mentioned earlier. 


One question raised was “Why Do Pros Care?” since you’d assume at the highest level of gameplay, they all know the timing of the smoke already. The community has pretty much split into 2 sides on this one. 


So whether you think it is a good or bad change, remember to voice your comments respectfully in order to effectively deliver your point. 

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