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How to improve your aim on Valorant.

How to improve your aim on Valorant.
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: carrico14

In all FPS games having a good aim is key and in Valorant it’s no different, in this article I will give you some tips on how you can improve your aim in order to take your game to the next stage.


 Find the best sensitivity for you. 



This step is applicable not only to Valorant but to all the FPS games, finding a good mouse sensitivity is key especially in the long run, you have to try and find the perfect sensitivity for you, it has to allow you to make precise movements and corrections.


There is no right or wrong sensitivity it all depends on what is better for a specific case, some people both casual and pros use a lower sensitivity because it allows them to make smaller and more precise movements, while others use a really high sensitivity.


However, there are articles and some studies that defend that using 400-800 DPI and an overall lower mouse sensitivity is better for FPS games, but I would still recommend you to find your own sensitivity and stick to it, don’t just copy a pros sensitivity and DPI and be changing it after a loos streak, its important to find the best one and stick to it in order for your muscle memory to get used to it.


Movement is Key on Valorant




Movement is as important as your aim, even if you have a good aim but your movement is off and your crosshair is almost always in an incorrect position you won't be able to take do well in the game and will struggle.


Understanding how to incorporate movement in your game in order to outmaneuver opponents is key, whenever you move your crosshair movements need to adjust to the movements you are doing with your agent, this will make it easier for you to counter-straif and will also make you more accurate as you won’t have to make major corrections to your crosshair.


It's also important to find the weaknesses in your movements, maybe you struggle to track to the right and your flicks to the left are more consistent than the other way around, identifying your weakness is very important, that way you can focus on the specifics areas that you need to improve and work on it, if your aim is inconsistent in one way it will affect you when you adjust your movement as well, in order to get better and comfortable with your aim you must fix your movement weakness.


The Importance of Crosshair placement and how spraying is a crutch.




Crosshair placement and correcting your crosshair placement is something you should be doing in the game all of the time, you should constantly be changing your crosshair placement based on where you believe the enemy is going to be or where they are going to peek, by doing this you are increasing the chances of killing your

enemy first since you don’t have to make adjustments and will already have your crosshair on top of him.


It's also good to try and always maintain your crosshair as center as you possibly can, even when it doesn’t matter because it's good practice and you are developing a healthy habit.


As for the shooting mechanics in Valorant, you should always try not to commit to a spray, Valorant rewards tap fire and quick burst much more than spraying, and since the spray in Valorant is 50% pattern 50% random its not as accurate as of the others two, some pro players even describe spraying as a crutch that some players use when they are not hitting their shots as just panic or don’t know what to do, of course, there are situations where spraying might be the best option but those are rare ones, quick burst and tap fire are way more effective in Valorant and that is something you should take into account.


Use all the available tools to train your aim.


the range valorant


Last but not least is using all the tools not only in-game but outside the game that can help you improve your aim, practicing in the range or in Death Matches every day, as well as warming up on AIMLAB or other programs that allow you to train your aim and improve on your weak points are very important, setting a daily training routine that you go through before playing a competitive match is also something that massively helps in the long run, you should not expect to train for only one week and have the aim of a radiant or pro player, as the saying goes everything that is good takes time and in this case its no different, you need to put in the time and effort in order to improve and you will eventually see the results of your effort.


Another thing that can help you is seeing pro players streams or professional matches/tournaments, this way you will gain more game sense which is also something that helps you improve your aim and your general decision making.


I hope this article was useful for all of you and I hope it helps you achieve the results you are working for, good games and may the aim god be with you all.


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