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Leaks About A New Gun In Valorant

Leaks About A New Gun In Valorant
Written by: Weeii

Valorant might see a new gun addition to its pool of weapons, it was spotted during one of the showcase videos for the newest hero bundle, where fans spotted the new gun on the buy menu. However, the video was deleted.


New Gun Coming To Valorant


We are used to receiving updates, maps, agents, and so on. But we’ve never seen in the history of Valorant an addition of a new gun, yet. The new video showcasing the Valiant Hero bundle showed a new weapon, called Outlaw




The new gun goes under the Sniper category, being middle class under the Operator and above the Marshal. Costing exactly 2400 credits. 


While it is a new gun, which is exciting, it might come off as a disappointment to some of you that the gun will add a third sniper to the game. However, it is unknown whether this gun will be added or not. As of now, Riot did not confirm or deny any leaks about the new gun Outlaw.

Oct 31 at 3:58 AM
Thanks for the info! I was hyped when I first heard of it and this article explains the gun pretty well, nice job!
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