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Riot Adjusts Their New Name-Changing System

Riot Adjusts Their New Name-Changing System
Written by: Weeii

Riot Games made an announcement previously regarding the name-changing system, where you will only be able to change your name once per 365 days or pay a $10 fee to do so at any time. However, it seems that they listened to community feedback and adjusted their decision. 



New Name Change System


Everyone was shocked when they heard about the news, as nobody is willing to pay $10 every time they change their name or wait a whole year for it. This especially enraged competitive players in the esports scene, as for you to change your team’s name you will have to ask that of the organization or do it on your own. 




However, Riot shared in one of their recent articles that they overlooked that initial decision and made careful adjustments to it. 


Starting November 20th:


  • You will be able to change your name once every 90 days, instead of the 365 days remark. 
  • You will not be able to purchase a name change for $10, so you will have to wait out the time period. 


With that, Riot pretty much landed a sweet-spot to the problem they created, however it is to appreciate that they listened to the community and made sure not to rush any decisions that could harm the game. 

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