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TenZ Responds To Recent Backlash Regarding His Mouse

TenZ Responds To Recent Backlash Regarding His Mouse
Written by: Weeii

Recent controversies were raised as TenZ announced his official launch of his very first own custom mouse. And this is not a collaboration with another company to put TenZ’s name on it, it’s a full-on custom project that should feature a great mouse for Esports


What Happened?


Initially, TenZ planned on opening a pre-order for his future mouse that will presumably come in Summer of 2024. Pre-orders are not a bad thing, especially knowing is legit and is not launching any sort of scam to his fans.



However, fans were enraged at the fact some key information about the mouse was missing, such as the shape and the specs. Some specs are mentioned but not confirmed, and the shape is said to be still in progress. 


Now this is a key piece of information, you need to know the mouse’s shape in order to know if it fits you or not, and TenZ did not reveal that whilst opening the pre-orders for the mouse which left many questioning that decision. 


Nonetheless, TenZ quickly responded to this backlash and took great care of it:




TenZ in his most recent tweet, confirmed that he sees how it was a bad business decision and he ceased all future pre-orders while offering those who already purchased a chance to fully refund it, if they want to. 


He also said:

“I also want people to know that I did not do this for a quick cash grab. If you know me, I genuinely love gaming pheripherals (mice in particular) and so this is something I'm very passionate about and have always dreamed about doing. I am still super excited about the future of this project since this is the first time I will have full creative freedom over everything regarding the mouse.”

We all know about TenZ, he is a genuine person and his actions show. So if you’re one of the people who bought the mouse, don’t worry, you could keep your purchase or fully refund it. 

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