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Shopify Rebellion Are The New Game Changer World Champions

Shopify Rebellion Are The New Game Changer World Champions
Written by: Weeii

Another day in the Valorant Esports scene, and another crowned champion arises proudly. During the last few days, the Game Changers Championship took place in Brazil, Sao Paul where Shopify Rebellion (Version1’s Previous Roster) were crowned as the new world Champions in the league. 


New Game Changers Champions 


The Game Changer Championship is an international LAN event that takes place once per year allowing the best GC teams from all around the world to compete to be crowned as the new Champions of the league. In this event, a grand final took place between Team Liquid Brazil and Shopify Rebellion (NA). 




Shopify Rebellion were able to close the match out with a close 3-2 scoring, but that’s not all about this event, we witnessed a whole new level of play for the Game Changer scene during this tournament.


Even streamers and pro players started to think that this league is able to compete to that of franchising or possibly high tier 2 in the general league, which is a huge step up for the scene as a whole. 




Not only that, Tarik even hinted at the possibility of bringing Shopify Rebellion, the new champions to the Ludwig x Tarik invitational to compete VS franchised teams and see how it works out, many of the fans loved this idea. 




Additionally, we witnessed a record-breaking player, SR fluorescent, she was able to get 112 kills in a series which is the highest we’ve seen yet in the history of Valorant Esports. Especially, for the GCC scene. 

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