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Sentinels Are Back As Your AfreecaTV Champions

Sentinels Are Back As Your AfreecaTV Champions
Written by: Weeii

Sentinels are your new AfreecaTV League Champions. Yes, you heard that right, they are back and they prove that with a trophy. Not only did they win AfreecaTV League, which is an off-season international LAN, they did it while being undefeated taking down some of the best teams in the world. 





Sentinels Are Back


Sentinels was once the best team in VALORANT. They are fan-favorites for a reason as they made the historical flawless run in the first ever international Valorant tournament, Masters Reykjavik. 


Ever since winning Masters Reykjavik flawlessly, they became the star team of the game. However, that didn’t last long as they failed to win events after, furthermore, they failed to even qualify to any international tournaments. 




But that didn’t stop them, they never gave up and kept working hard towards making it back to the top one day, and that day is now.

8 teams attended the event, Sentinels went 2-0 during the group stage to make it to playoffs, then eliminated Team Liquid 2-1 and Paper Rex 3-0 in the finals. 


Paper Rex and Team Liquid are both incredibly powerful teams, so that was quite a surprise to see the team back in form. 


More impressively, they did swap around the roles as you see TenZ on the smokes role while still performing like a star player. 

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