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All New Changes To Lotus & Icebox

All New Changes To Lotus & Icebox
Written by: Weeii

Riot previously confirmed the changes about the map rotation in Valorant, which include Icebox coming in and Haven exiting the pool. However, now, some leaks surfaced showing the exact changes to the maps, which also includes Lotus receiving a new update alongside Icebox. 



Icebox Changes


Icebox is a long-awaited map, being one of the favorites it is natural that we long to see what are the new updates to the map. Here we will showcase the key difference between old and new Icebox: 




  • Mid will now no longer have that angle to challenge from spawn 
  • Tube has a window in it and more space to go below 
  • The B site crane is now lifted opening up more space in B Long 
  • Orange (Mid) is now a one-way instead of two separate paths 

Lotus Changes


Lotus is the second map that is not exiting the pool, but it will be getting a huge update that can bring you from a hater to a lover, or vice versa. Here are the keychanges: 




  • B Link doorway now has more room on the sides to allow defenders to produce more plays in that area 
  • The cubby leading to B Link is now more spacious, with wooden boxes added to add a room for vertacality and more plays
  • B Site’s main wall is now pushed further allowing for more space in B site 
  • C Site has now extended wooden boxes towars bend and a slight revamp on site
  • A Site mid site is now completely blocked 


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