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Valorant Mobile's Closed Beta Set to Begin Soon, Leaker Suggests

Valorant Mobile's Closed Beta Set to Begin Soon, Leaker Suggests
Written by: ASH

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as a leaker hints at the imminent start of the closed beta for Valorant Mobile. According to the VALORANT Mobile Leaks & News profile, Riot Games' popular FPS game for mobile devices is gearing up to launch its first closed beta. The tests are expected to kick off next week, although detailed information on how they will be conducted remains unclear. A user in the comments suggested that the tests might be for a different VALORANT app, not the mobile game.



The leaker's post didn't provide many details but included an image with the words “VALORANT Mobile: Closed Beta” and a caption stating “next week”. If this information is confirmed, the initial tests for the mobile game could start between January 22 and 29.


In response to the post, a user shared a screenshot from a Discord channel where a user named “Shadow” elaborated on the closed beta. According to the post, there's a registration process for the first tests of a VALORANT app, which might not be the game itself.


valorant mobiles closed beta set to begin soon leaker suggests


Shadow indicated that the tests are for a “companion” app rather than VALORANT Mobile, as many had hoped. “Sorry to crush your dreams about VALORANT Mobile for now, but I am more than certain that this game will be released one day and the patience we put into it will pay off,” he added.

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