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Riot Games Ends Development of Riot Esports Network

Riot Games Ends Development of Riot Esports Network
Written by: ASH

Riot Games has announced the closure of its ambitious Riot Esports Network (REN) project. Initially envisioned as a strong competitor to Twitch, REN was designed to offer a unique streaming experience for esports events. The platform aimed to engage viewers with interactive features and special rewards.


However, the project's development has been halted following significant layoffs at Riot Games. These layoffs have led to a shift in the company's strategic priorities, resulting in the decision to discontinue REN. The platform, which promised to revolutionize the way fans watch esports, will no longer be pursued.



This move comes amid internal changes within Riot Games. The company is now refocusing its efforts on other areas, including the development of Valorant, organizing tournaments, and creating content. While REN offered potential for enhancing the esports viewing experience, Riot Games is adjusting its focus to align with its current strategic goals.


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The closure of REN marks a significant shift in Riot Games' approach to esports broadcasting. The company's decision reflects a reevaluation of its priorities in the ever-evolving gaming and esports landscape.

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