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Mel Not Observing VCT EMEA This Year

Mel Not Observing VCT EMEA This Year
Written by: ASH

In a surprising turn of events, a freelancer known as Mel has been left out of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) EMEA plan, despite having been in discussions for flight bookings just days prior. Mel, an observer for the game Valorant, expressed disappointment on social media, stating that being excluded at the last minute was a freelancer’s worst nightmare.


The layoff comes after the news of an 11% workforce reduction at Riot Games, the developer behind Valorant. However, Mel clarified that she is not part of this layoff as she is a freelancer, which unfortunately means she is not eligible for the severance package offered to Riot's full-time staff.



Adding to her woes, Mel shared her previous excitement about the work she and her colleague Xilv had done for VCT EMEA. Their efforts had gone unnoticed for a long time but had finally gained recognition. She had been looking forward to continuing this trajectory in 2024.


After the unsettling news, Mel reached out to her social media community, expressing gratitude for supportive messages and shrugging off negative ones. She mentioned that she is now seeking opportunities in video production within esports, specifically roles beyond observing Valorant matches.


Mel’s situation has sparked conversations about the volatility of freelance work in the esports industry, highlighting the need for better support systems for contract workers in this rapidly evolving field.

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