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Data Miners Discover New Sight Filters in Valorant Game Files

Data Miners Discover New Sight Filters in Valorant Game Files
Written by: ASH

In a recent find, data miners have stumbled upon previously unknown codes within Valorant's game files. The discovery was shared by the well-known data miner, VALORANT Leaks & News, on their social media. They revealed commands linked to sight filters, including Crosshair Filter Basic, Crosshair Filter Funny, Crosshair Filter ProPick, and Crosshair Filter My Styles. The exact purpose of these commands remains a mystery, sparking curiosity and speculation among fans.



The Valorant community is buzzing with theories, suggesting these codes could be part of upcoming updates. Many believe Riot Games might introduce customizable sight settings. There's also talk about these developments hinting at Valorant's potential launch on gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.


As of now, it's uncertain if these codes will ever come into play within the game. They might join the list of numerous other codes that have remained unused. Fans and data miners alike are eager for any updates that might shed light on these intriguing finds.


This discovery has certainly piqued the interest of the Valorant community, leaving them hopeful for new features and possibly even a console release in the future.

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