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Rumor: Valorant May Soon Hit Consoles and Mobile Devices

Rumor: Valorant May Soon Hit Consoles and Mobile Devices
Written by: ASH

Riot Games' hit first-person shooter, Valorant, might soon be playable on consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Linux, and the Steam Deck, exciting fans with the prospect of new ways to play. This news comes from a leak by Twitter user PC_Focus_, hinting at a significant expansion from its current PC-only availability, as first spotted by Gamerant. The move could introduce controller support, a feature many players have eagerly anticipated.


The transition to consoles isn't straightforward, given Valorant's unique game engine. Riot Games has also reportedly been developing a mobile version, indicating a broad strategy to make Valorant accessible on various platforms. The potential for crossplay could revolutionize how players engage with the game, allowing for a more diverse player base across different devices.



However, the adaptation faces hurdles, such as integrating Valorant's rigorous anti-cheat system, Vanguard, into new platforms and possibly utilizing the Unreal Engine for smoother porting. The community is buzzing with speculation on how controller support might change gameplay dynamics, especially in the competitive scene where precision and strategy are paramount.


Adding crossplay and expanding to consoles and mobile devices could significantly impact Valorant's esports landscape, introducing fresh talent and strategies. As the gaming community awaits official confirmation from Riot Games, the anticipation builds for what could be a new chapter in Valorant's success story, potentially reshaping its competitive edge and accessibility.

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