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Visa Hurdles for Sentinels and LOUD Ahead of VCT Americas

Visa Hurdles for Sentinels and LOUD Ahead of VCT Americas
Written by: ASH

Two top Valorant teams, Sentinels and LOUD, are facing visa issues that may affect their participation in the upcoming VCT Americas competition. During a live stream, TenZ from Sentinels shared that their team leader, Johnqt, is unable to return to the US due to visa problems. Currently in Europe, after Valorant Masters Madrid, Johnqt's presence in the next match against 100 Thieves on April 7 remains uncertain.



Similarly, LOUD, which claimed the fourth spot at Madrid, finds itself stuck in Ireland. The team's player, cauanzin, expressed their situation as being "Trapped in Ireland," highlighting their predicament on Twitter/X. Another player from LOUD, Less, confirmed the team's struggles, including finding a place to practice.


Despite these challenges, Riot has not announced any postponement of the matches. Sentinels and LOUD are still expected to compete in their initial games of Americas Stage 1. Sentinels have a substitute, Curry, who can replace Johnqt if needed, unlike LOUD, which faces its own set of challenges before their match against NRG Esports on April 6.

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