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Warzone 2 Season 2 Patch Notes: Ashika Island Map, 1v1 Gulag, Loot Changes, More

Warzone 2 Season 2 Patch Notes: Ashika Island Map, 1v1 Gulag, Loot Changes, More
Written by: Mohsin

Even though Warzone 2 had a quite successful launch, it soon became victim to a rocky period briefly after, since player count numbers significantly dropper way quicker “than expected,” with frustrations mounting.


Infinity Ward took note of the Warzone 2 community’s complaints and criticism and promised to bring massive changes for Season 2. It is safe to say that they delivered and quite well at that!


Screenshot_2023 03 05_044606



New Ashika Island Resurgence Map


Ashika Island is a relatively small layout built from the ground up for some fast-paced, Resurgence gameplay. With just a couple of POIs scattered around the land, it encourages tight-knit combat for rapid games.



Infinity Ward announced that Ashika Island is “roughly 30% larger than previous small maps.” Here is a complete look at all the POIs on the Island to get you ahead of the curve:


  • Beach Club
  • Oganikku Farms
  • Port Ashika
  • Residential
  • Shipwreck
  • Tsuki Castle
  • Town Center


The game mode can be played as a solo, duo, trio, as well as quad, with playlist updates throughout the entire season.


Screenshot_2023 03 05_044636


Gulag And Looting System Changes


1v1 Gulag matches have returned to the game instead of the 2v2 format. Activision stated that a new 1v1 map will be introduced in future seasons, but the current map has been modified to better suit 1v1 engagements.


The Jailer is replaced by Warzone 1's domination style overtime. Assault Rifles, SMGs, and LMGs have been added to the Gulag’s match pool, whereas shotguns have been removed. This will make it much easier for players to go back into a match with weapons from the Gulag.


Players can find cash on the Gulag floor and win matches which will also reward them with money. Explosive-style looting has also returned once again to Warzone 2 in Season 2.


In place of players having to search through chests and enemies’ backpacks to get some loot, Raven Software decided to bring back Warzone 1’s system. So when you kill an enemy, all of their loot explodes onto the floor, and you can freely pick up anything you like.


Raven Software has removed the medium and large backpacks from Warzone 2, and each player will have the same small backpack during the entire match in an effort to cut down on players stacking and quick revives and killstreaks.



Cash & Buy Station Price Changes


Players of Warzone 2 have expressed their concerns over steep loadout prices and struggling to find lootable cash. Raven Software announced, “There’s now more lootable cash available in Battle Royale, and prices are getting balanced to give you more bang for your buck.”


Activision increased the lowest value of cash piles from ground loot to $800 and from cash registers to $500. The price of primary weapons and loadout drop grenades at buy stations was also brought down.


Screenshot_2023 03 05_044616


Customizable Perk Packages


At last, players will be able to edit their own Warzone 2 Perks in Season 2. In the blog post, Activision announced, “this feature will launch with a slightly reduced pool of available Perks.”


The developers have planned on gradually reintroducing perks with time and by keeping game balance in mind. Overclock and Birdseye are also disabled in Season 2.



Warzone Season 2 Patch Notes


Below are the complete patch notes for Warzone 2 Season 2:


  • Al Mazrah

    • Downed aircraft at Sattiq Caves.
    • Underground tunnels in Suburb 14.
    • New passenger train moving counter-directional to the existing cargo train.
    • Added a path through the cliffside north of Zarqwa Hydroelectric.
    • Added vehicle ramp to garage rooftop in Al Malik International.


  • Gulag

    • The Gulag map has been updated to better suit 1v1 combat in Season 02.





Al Mazrah




  • Solos
    • Max Players: 150
    • Assimilation: Off


  • Duos

    • Max Players: 150
    • Assimilation: Refill
  • Trios

    • Max Players: 150
    • Assimilation: Refill
  • Quads

    • Max Players: 152
    • Assimilation: Refill



Ashika Island




  • Quads
    • Max Players: 52
    • Assimilation: Off





Resurgence has officially returned to the game and is way better than before! Get hold of your Squad and drop into this fast-paced, high-action Mode that allows Squads to respawn as long as one member of the team stays alive.


The last Squad standing in the match emerges victorious, despite the number of times they have had to deploy. Get ready for an intense and thrilling fight with this new limited-time mode!



How Does It Work?


Once eliminated, players will enter a spectating state and are required to wait for the Resurgence timer to tick down. Squad members can also shorten the timer by looting, completing Contracts, and eliminating enemy players.


Screenshot_2023 03 05_044624




Respawns are disabled on the fourth circle, so keep an eye on the clock


New Score Events


In addition to the traditional score events, we have added new ways to shorten the respawn timer for Squad members:


  • Headshot

    • Eliminating an enemy Player via Headshot


  • A.I. Elimination

    • Eliminating an A.I. Combatant


  • Uplink

    • Capturing a Data Heist uplink point in


  • On The Move

    • If players move more than 25 meters while their teammate is dead


  • Hunt

    • You eliminated a Player while they were tracked by the Hunt mechanic


  • Hunter Double

    • You eliminated two Players in a row while they were tracked by the Hunt mechanic


  • Hunter Spree

    • You eliminated more than three Players while they were tracked by the Hunt mechanic


  • Armor Break

    • You broke all of a Player’s active Armor Plates


  • Audacious Elimination

    • You got an elimination while a Squad member was down


  • Fearless Elimination

    • You got an elimination while being the last living member of your Squad


Hunt & Track Mechanic


  • While playing a match, any enemy Player's Squad members will appear on the minimap for a few seconds after they've been eliminated.
  • Specific to Solos, eliminating an enemy Player will display their location for 10 seconds upon redeployment.




  • Players can easily equip their Loadouts through two different ways in Resurgence. There is a Public Event that drops a Loadout crate for one’s Squad toward the end of their first circle. Loadout Drop Markers are also available for buying through Buy Stations with the same price scaling as standard Battle Royale.


Additional Information


  • Strongholds are disabled
  • Weapons found via ground loot always have attachments
  • Blue Resurgence Supply Boxes restock after 90 seconds
  • Both Restore Honor tags and eliminations show red dots on the minimap
  • Enemy A.I. Combatants only spawn during the Data Heist Public Event or during a Search & Seizure Contract





Private Matches


  • Private Matches are enabled for Battle Royale Standard (Solos, Duos, Trios, Quads) on Al Mazrah
  • The spectating feature for Private Matches will be enabled at a later date





All Maps | All Modes


  • Counter UAV New Killstreak

    • A defensive Killstreak that deploys an autonomous UAV to target an area and jams the enemy’s radar, minimap, as well as their HUD.


Al Mazrah | All Modes


  • Redeploy Packs New Equipment

    • This brand-new Tactical Equipment provides players with another shot at victory! They can be found in ground loot, on some Buy Stations, and are guaranteed from completing the Strongholds and Black Sites mission.


Ashika Island | Event


  • Restore Honor New Recovery Mechanic (Season Launch)

    • Each player in Resurgence will drop a god tag upon death once per match, which can either be picked up by a Squad member or themselves after redeploying. Doing this will grant players small Cash rewards, along with a single UAV ping that marks both enemy threats as well as Supply Boxes that might be close.
    • In case a player recovers their own Fallen Soldier Tag or one belonging to a team member, they get a 50-meter loot ping, a normal 300-meter UAV ping, and $1000.
    • The money reward will only be awarded once, but the pings will be given each time honor is restored thereafter.


  • Search & Seizure New Contract (In-Season)

    • Players are required to recover a stolen vehicle which is protected by local mercenaries. They are to transport it to a safe location for extraction. Be sure to avoid enemy deterrents and ambushes along the way.


  • Data Heist New Public Event (In-Season)

    • This is a public event where laptops with enemy intelligence are spawned around the map. It gives players a chance to steal the data for information-themed rewards such as UAV and Advanced UAV. However, downloading the data takes some time, and players will have to defend themselves against AI defenders and other players.


  • Redeploy Drones New Field Upgrade (In-Season)

    • Players are required to interact with a cable suspended from a heavy life drone to ascend skyward and quickly relocate.


  • Rusher New A.I. (In-Season)

    • Rusher is a new and aggressive A.I. Combatant that specializes in close-quarters combat and utilizes evasive forward movement to try and close the distance for an attack. Activision described the AI as having little health and armor, but it is equipped with a handgun as a backup Weapon in case an opponent cannot be reached for melee and mini-smoke bombs in order to help reposition and retreat.


  • Loot that spawns across Al Mazrah has been adjusted…

    • Slight adjustment to the existing loot pool
    • Counter UAV has been added


  • Cash Economy

    • Players will now drop more Cash upon elimination
    • Players will now retain more Cash upon redeployment
    • Overall balance changes to the economy so that Players earn more Cash per match
    • A slight reduction in Cash rewards for completing Contracts
    • Cash found via ground loot has been increased to compensate for the above change
      • Minimum Cash value found:
        • On-ground increased to $500
        • In cash registers to $500
        • Basic Supply Boxes – $500
        • Legendary Supply Boxes – $800


It was previously stated by the developers that Cash would no longer be obtainable through Basic and Legendary Supply Boxes – this has since been adjusted.


  • Armor Plates & Vest

    • All Players will now have a 3-Plate Armor Vest at all times
    • Players will also spawn with a different number of equipped Armor Plates depending on the following:


  • Infil Deployment
    • Players will deploy with two plates


  • Gulag Redeployment
    • Players will redeploy with three plates


  • Resurgence Redeployment
    • Players will redeploy with two plates


  • Perk Packages

    • Players are now capable of customizing their own Perk Packages
      • Disabled
        • Overclock
        • Birdseye


  • Buy Stations

    • Spawn locations have been adjusted
    • All spawn locations will be static across each match
    • Loadout Drop Markers now have unlimited stock at all Buy Stations, and prices have been reduced. Prices will scale to Squad sizes.


  • Solos
      • $8,000
  • Duos
      • $12,000 ($6,000 per Player)
  • Trios
      • $16,000 ($5,300 per Player)
  • Quads
    • $20,000 ($5,000 per Player)


  • Strongholds & Black Sites

    • Strongholds & Black Sites are now the main way to earn a Redeploy Pack
    • A.I. Combatant damage decreased:
      • Assault Rifle Damage decreased to 22, down from 34
      • Shotgun Pellet Damage decreased to 15, down from 17
  • A.I. Combatants in Strongholds or Black Sites will evacuate the area during the three final circles


  • Champion’s Quest

    • Players might notice an adjustment to difficulty
    • A new Weapon Blueprint reward is now available for completing the Champion’s Quest
      • The Season 01 FTac Recon “Brass Tacks” Weapon Blueprint reward has been vaulted
      • All other Champion’s Quest rewards remain the same


    • Backpacks & Inventory

      • Now, Loot will drop out of all containers in the world, similar to loot from Supply Boxes
      • Eliminated Players will drop loot onto the ground rather than loot-filled Backpacks
      • To better define each Player’s role within the match, Medium and Large Backpacks will no longer be found in the environment
      • Every Player will have the same Small Backpack throughout the entire game 
      • When Players expend an item in their active Loadout, stored items from the Backpack will no longer fill that slot. The only two items that will still automatically populate the Loadout from the Backpack are Armor Plates and Ammunition.
  • The changes above should reduce the impact of stacking medical supplies, Equipment, and Killstreaks.


  • Loadout Drops

    • A second Loadout Drop Public Event has been added, which means the drops will now happen on the first and fifth Circles of each match.


  • Spawn Protection

    • Protects the Player when they are between 64 to 19 meters off the ground. 


  • Gulag

    • Players will now face one another in a 1v1 Gulag
    • Flag Control has replaced the Jailer as the overtime mechanic
    • Player Loadouts will change as Circles progress and can include:
      • Either Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, or Light Machine Guns as Primary Weapons
      • Handguns will remain available as Secondary Weapons
      • Snapshot Grenade as Tactical Equipment


  • Shotguns have been removed
  • Cash will now spawn as ground loot





  • Pre-Match Loadout Selection

    • Now able to select and edit Loadouts in pre-match lobbies


  • Plating Improvements

    • Global plating animation speed increased by approximately 25%
    • Movement speed increased while plating
    • Players can now sprint while plating
    • Players can now bust through doors while plating


  • Ping Visibility

    • Each squad member will have a unique color highlighting their name and pings.


  • Interrogation

    • The reveal mechanic has been changed from an orange outline to a red marker to remain consistent with similar mechanics.


  • Loot Improvements

    • Improved the separation of loot on steep inclines and in tight areas.





  • Combat Records

    • Warzone 2.0 Combat Records will come online as part of Season 02. The statistics present in the Warzone 2.0 Combat Record will only be from the activation date forward and will not include statistics from Season 01.


  • Play Again

    • This menu option enables Players to do the following:
      • As the party leader:
        • Play Again With This Squad
        • Play Again With Party and Fill Squad


  • As a squad member not in the party:
    • Play Again With This Squad
    • Play Again With A New Squad





  • Fixed collision issues with various elements across Al Mazrah, allowing Players to exploit/peek/shoot through them.
  • Fixed an issue causing Loadout icons to disappear on the Tac Map.
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Loadouts would reset to a Default Loadout after exiting a match.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could continue driving vehicles after running out of fuel.
  • Fixed an issue where the Revive Pistol could be duplicated.
  • Fixed an issue where the Revive Pistol would not do melee damage to downed Players.
  • Fixed an issue where Stronghold Bombs could be defused through walls.
  • Fixed an issue where the Champion’s Quest Bombsite would spawn near water and cause a physics issue.
  • Fixed an issue where Helicopters could sometimes clip through the Control Tower at Al Malik Airport.
  • Fixed an issue that caused obstructed or misaligned loot.
  • Fixed an issue that caused geographic elements to float.
  • Fixed an issue that caused corrupted lighting inside one of the Mawizeh Marsh buildings.
  • Fixed an issue with Loadout Drops around Mawizeh Marsh.
  • Fixed an issue where the Heartbeat Sensor was tracking incorrectly, almost never showing Players on the radar.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Players to duplicate Field Upgrades.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Players to see the Bonus Battle Royale Challenge prior to completing Daily Challenges.
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