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The Best Audio Settings To Hear Footsteps In Warzone 2.0 And Modern Warfare 2

The Best Audio Settings To Hear Footsteps In Warzone 2.0 And Modern Warfare 2
Written by: Mohsin

Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 were released with plenty of modifications to their audio mix. A lot of emphases was placed on creating more immersive and realistic audio, with the Infinity Ward team going out into the field to record weapons, cannon fire, and even helicopters.




Simultaneously, the game also boasts a new reverb engine to better simulate the feel of space, improved 3D directionally to better pinpoint enemy locations, and a new sound occlusion engine.



Even though all of these features combined make for a rich aural tapestry, it can, at times, mean that footsteps, arguably the most essential audio cue in the game, can get lost in the middle of the mess.


Luckily for you, though, there is something that players can do about that. Here is a look at the best audio settings for hearing footsteps in Warzone 2.0 as well as Modern Warfare 2.



Warzone 2.0 And Modern Warfare 2: Best Audio Settings For Clearer Footsteps


The game comes with a total of six different audio mix presets for several audio setups. Here is a look at what they all do!


  • PC — Tightest dynamic range and EQ for use with PC speakers.
  • Headphones — Tighter dynamic range and EQ for use with headphones.
  • Headphone Bass Boost — Tighter dynamic range and EQ with enhanced low-end frequencies for use with headphones.
  • Sound Bar — Tighter dynamic range and EQ for use with soundbar.
  • Home Theater — High dynamic range setting for use with home theater systems.
  • Cinema — Highest dynamic range setting for use with cinema theater systems.




Although for most players,  the obvious choice might be Headphone Bass Boost to increase the prominence of low frequencies and, by extension, footsteps, it might have the effect of muddying your audio mix even further.


The reason for that is that there are plenty of other competing low-frequency sounds in Call of Duty. This can be anything from explosives going off near players to a killstreak raining down fury from the skies above.


This means that the footsteps of your enemies may get drowned out, so you never hear them coming until they are in your face. Instead of that, Home Theater is turning out to be the best pick so far.


It makes footsteps stand out even more in the audio mix, while ambient noises come in slightly softer. However, one downside is its apparent focus on treble frequencies, so gunfire can sometimes sound a tad bit too shrill.




Audio Mix

Home Theater

Music Volume


Dialogue Volume


Effects Volume


Hit Marker Volume


Speakers/Headphones Game Sound Device

Default System Device

Mono Audio


Master Volume



When talking about experimenting with the volume numbers, a lot of that will depend on personal preference. However, the only thing that players want to make sure of is to set the Effects Volume setting to a maximum.




This particular setting is directly related to how loud footsteps sound, along with other sounds, such as gunshots. It can also help turn down sounds that are not important, such as music, dialogue, and hit markers.


The Master Volume will vary as per the setup or headphones the player has. Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 can get extremely loud, so you might want to find a level that still lets you hear clearly without blowing your eardrums out.

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