Best Warzone 2 Low Recoil Loadouts

Best Warzone 2 Low Recoil Loadouts
Written by: ASH

In the ever-evolving landscape of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, mastering recoil control can be the critical point for your victory and dominance in the game. With the vast Al-Mazrah map offering long-range encounters, equipping a low recoil loadout is essential to maintain accuracy and secure those crucial kills.


To make things easier for you in the game by having the best loadouts on your guns so you keep your gun stable and have low recoil, in this article, we have shared a list of the best Warzone 2 low recoil loadouts that will help you dominate the battlefield.


RPK - The Steady LMG


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The RPK is a force to be reckoned with, boasting minimal recoil and exceptional damage output. Here's a loadout to maximize its potential:


Optics: VLK 4.0 Optic
Barrel: TAC 597 Barrel
Stock: Heavy Support Stock
Rear Grip: Demo-X2 Grip
Muzzle: Kastovia DX90


By fine-tuning these attachments, you can significantly enhance the RPK's recoil control, making it a formidable choice for both multiplayer and battle royale modes.



Minibak - The Mobile Option


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For players who prefer mobility without compromising recoil control, the Minibak is a top pick:


Barrel: BAK-9 279MM Barrel
Laser: Schlager PEQ BOX IV
Stock: Otrezat Stock
Rear Grip: True-Tac Grip
Muzzle: XTEN RR-40                


With this loadout, you'll maintain excellent recoil stability while enjoying enhanced mobility, allowing you to swiftly move across the battlefield.



Kastov 762 - The Powerhouse


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The Kastov 762 may have a reputation for high recoil, but it packs a punch. Here's a loadout to harness its power:


Barrel: KAS-10 584MM Barrel
Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot
Stock: KSTV-RPK Factory
Rear Grip: True-Tac Grip
Ammunition: 7.62 High Velocity


This loadout balances recoil control with damage output, ensuring you hit hard and accurately, even at a distance.



FSS Hurricane - The Long-Range Specialist


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For those who prefer engaging enemies from a distance, the FSS Hurricane is your go-to weapon:


Muzzle: AVR-T90 Comp

Barrel: FSS Cannonade 16"

Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56

Stock: Assault-60 Stock Factory

Optic: Cronen Mini Pro 


This loadout excels in long-range encounters, providing you with the stability and accuracy needed to eliminate foes from afar.



M4 - The Versatile Choice


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The M4 is renowned for its versatility. Here's a loadout that enhances its adaptability while minimizing recoil:


Muzzle: XTEN Havoc 90
Barrel: Hightower 20" Barrel
Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
Ammunition: 5.56 High Velocity
Optic: SZ Holotherm


The M4 loadout allows you to dominate Warzone lobbies with its damage range and the recoil control, making it an excellent choice for various situations.



Sakin MG38 - The Recoil-Free LMG


warzone 2 low recoil loadouts 66


Though the ISO Hemlock has the highest pick rate of Warzone 2’s Assault Rifles, the Call of Duty expert Metaphor has revealed which powerful LMG outclasses it as the meta weapon in Season 2 Reloaded.


According to Metaphor, the Sakin MG38 is a worthy replacement for the ISO Hemlock, and it is unstoppable when it comes to knocking down enemies.


Metaphor’s no-recoil Sakin MG38 loadout in Warzone 2:


Barrel: 20″ Bruen Silver Series
Muzzle: Sakin Tread-40
Optic: Aim OP-V4
Underbarrel: Bruen Warrior LMG
Ammunition: 7.62 High Velocity





As you become more familiar with the weapons in Warzone 2, using these low recoil loadouts will provide a significant competitive advantage over your opponents. Not to forget that the key to mastering any loadout is practice and adaptation to the game meta. So, practice hard and ensure your win in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

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