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How to Twerk in CS2

How to Twerk in CS2
Written by: iamharoongill

In Counter-Strike 2, a unique trend has emerged: twerking. This isn't your standard in-game emote or a mod introduced by external developers; it's an entirely player-driven phenomenon. Twerking in CS2 represents a quirky, humorous deviation from traditional gameplay, allowing players to express themselves in a novel way.


Unlike the outdated practice of tea-bagging, twerking in CS2 adds a layer of fun and spontaneity, showcasing the game's refined 3D models in an amusing light. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the CS2 community, understanding how to twerk within the game's mechanics adds a fun twist to your gaming sessions.




Step-by-Step Guide to Twerk in CS2


If you're ready to join the twerking trend in Counter-Strike 2, follow this simple guide. It's important to note that this unique action is only possible while playing on the CT (Counter-Terrorist) side. Here's how to twerk in CS2:


Step by Step_Guide_to_Twerk_in_CS2


  • Requirement: Choose the CT Side - To start, ensure you're playing on the Counter-Terrorist team. Twerking is currently exclusive to this side of the game.
  • Necessary Items: Purchase a Defuse Kit - Once in the game, buy a Defuse kit from the equipment menu. This item, originally meant for bomb defusal, is a key component for the twerking maneuver.
  • Positioning: Crouch and Aim at Head Level - Find a safe spot, then crouch down. It's essential to maintain your aim at head level, as this forms the base posture for twerking.
  • Movement: Crosshair Adjustment - While maintaining the crouch position and head-level aim, rapidly move your crosshair between the head level and the ground. This action creates a visual effect resembling twerking.
  • Limitation: First-Person Perspective - Remember, CS2 is a first-person shooter game, which means you won’t be able to see your character twerking yourself. However, your teammates and enemies will have a clear view of your character's movements.



Background of Twerking in CS2




The phenomenon of twerking in CS2 has sparked both amusement and curiosity among its player base. Here's a look into the background of this unusual in-game action:


  • Origin as a Feature or Bug: The emergence of twerking in CS2 has been a topic of debate. Initially, it was unclear whether this was an intentional feature added by the developers or an amusing bug discovered by players. The ability to twerk emerged from a combination of game mechanics, specifically when players on the CT side used a defuse kit while performing certain movements.
  • Changes After the Hotfix by the Developers: After the twerking trend gained popularity, the developers of CS2 released a hotfix. This update subtly altered the mechanics involved in twerking. While it was initially possible without a defuse kit, the hotfix made the kit a necessary component for performing the twerk. This change indicated a level of acknowledgment from the developers about the twerking phenomenon.
  • The Uncertain Future of Twerking in CS2: The future of twerking in CS2 remains uncertain. As of now, it continues to be a popular, non-competitive aspect of the game that adds a humorous element to gameplay. However, there has been no official statement from the developers about whether twerking will remain a part of the game long-term or if further changes will be made to either embrace or eliminate this player-driven feature.



Benefits of Learning to Twerk in CS2




In the realm of Counter-Strike 2, twerking stands out not for its tactical advantages but for the sheer entertainment it brings to the gameplay experience. Here’s why learning to twerk in CS2 can be beneficial:


  • Clarification: No Gameplay Advantages - It’s crucial to understand that twerking in CS2 does not provide any gameplay benefits. Unlike strategic maneuvers or special abilities, twerking does not confer extra stats, bonus armor, increased damage, or any performance enhancements. It’s purely a cosmetic action without any impact on the game’s mechanics or outcomes.
  • Entertainment Value: A Fun Addition to Gameplay - The primary benefit of learning to twerk in CS2 lies in the enjoyment it adds to the gaming experience. This whimsical, player-driven action brings a lighthearted, humorous element to the game, breaking the monotony of standard gameplay. Whether you’re waiting for the next round to start or just looking to entertain your teammates and opponents, twerking can be a fun way to pass the time. It adds a layer of casual amusement to the otherwise competitive environment of CS2, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among players who share in the joke.



Potential Risks and Considerations




Engaging in twerking within CS2 might be amusing, but it's essential to consider potential risks and the stance of Valve, the game's developer:


  1. Valve’s Stance: As of now, Valve has not officially addressed the twerking trend in CS2. This silence suggests a neutral position, neither endorsing nor explicitly condemning the practice.
  2. No Competitive Advantage or Punishment: Twerking in CS2 offers no competitive edge and, consequently, is not seen as a punishable offense. It's a purely cosmetic action that doesn't affect gameplay mechanics or fairness.
  3. Cautious Gameplay Advice: While twerking can be a fun diversion, remember it makes you potentially vulnerable. In the heat of a match, twerking can distract you and your teammates, making you easy targets for opponents. Use this feature judiciously, especially in competitive scenarios, to avoid compromising your team’s performance or your survival in the game.





The trend of twerking in Counter-Strike 2 has gained notable popularity among its player base. This quirky, player-driven action highlights the game's lighter side, offering a humorous break from the intense, strategic gameplay. While it doesn't enhance gameplay performance, twerking has become a symbol of fun and camaraderie within the CS2 community.


Players new and old are encouraged to try twerking for a bit of amusement. However, it's important to remain mindful of the game's situation. Twerking should be done at appropriate times to avoid becoming a distraction or a liability to your team. Ultimately, while embracing this fun aspect, maintaining a balance between enjoyment and competitive play is key in the dynamic world of CS2.

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