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SMG Tier List in Counter-Strike 2

SMG Tier List in Counter-Strike 2
Written by: iamharoongill

Submachine Guns (SMGs) are a pivotal element in the dynamic world of Counter-Strike 2, particularly shining in close-quarter battles and the game's signature fast-paced action. In CS2, the choice of SMG is crucial, especially during critical moments like force buy rounds, anti-eco encounters, and half-buy scenarios within the MR12 format.


These weapons offer a blend of mobility, rapid-fire capability, and cost-effectiveness, making them an indispensable part of a player's arsenal. Our comprehensive SMG Tier List is designed to guide CS2 enthusiasts in selecting the most effective SMGs, ranking them from best to worst based on various game-centric parameters.




Counter-Strike 2 SMGs and Tier List Explanation


SMG_Tier_List_in_Counter Strike_2


In Counter-Strike 2, Valve has unveiled a diverse arsenal of seven SMGs, each tailored for different tactical scenarios and playstyles. These SMGs are meticulously evaluated and ranked in our tier list, taking into account several critical aspects: Cost, Pick Rate, Damage, and Recoil Control. This analytical approach ensures a comprehensive assessment, balancing economic strategy with combat efficiency.


Our tier list categorizes these SMGs into three distinct tiers: 


  • S tier
  • A tier
  • B tier


The 'S tier' represents the elite, offering the best performance and suitability for various in-game situations. The 'A tier' includes reliable options that offer a balance between cost and effectiveness, while the 'B tier' consists of those SMGs that are situationally useful but might not always be the optimal choice. This tier system aids players in making informed decisions about their SMG selections, aligning with their gameplay tactics and economic considerations in CS2.



S Tier SMGs in Counter-Strike 2


The S tier of SMGs in CS2 represents the top echelon, boasting the best in class for close-quarter combat effectiveness.





MAC 10_in_Counter Strike_2


The MAC-10, a Terrorist-exclusive weapon priced at $1050, is renowned for its affordability and efficiency immediately after winning the pistol round or during force buys.

It has a high fire rate of 800 rounds per minute, a magazine capacity of 30 bullets, and a damage output of 29 per shot. Its effective range stands at 12 meters with a quick reload time of 2.6 seconds.

The MAC-10's high rate of fire and minimal movement accuracy make it ideal for run-and-gun tactics.

However, its limitations become apparent in long-range engagements, especially against armored opponents, due to significant damage drop-off and overall inaccuracy.





MP9_in_Counter Strike_2


Priced at $1250, the MP9 is a preferred choice for Counter-Terrorists in second and bonus rounds, balancing cost with combat readiness.

It features a rapid-fire rate of 857 rounds per minute, a 30-round magazine, and inflicts 26 damage per shot. The MP9 has an accurate range of 16 meters and a reload time of 2.1 seconds.

Known for its impressive rate of fire, the MP9 excels in close-quarter battles, favoring a spray-and-pray approach.

The weapon's major drawback is its less effective performance in long-range fights, coupled with a challenging recoil and reduced efficiency against armored foes.



A Tier SMGs in Counter-Strike 2


In the A tier of the SMG category for CS2, we find weapons that offer a balanced mix of performance, cost, and versatility, making them suitable for a variety of in-game situations.





MP7_in_Counter Strike_2


The MP7, priced at $1500, stands out as a well-rounded SMG, offering a blend of damage and control. It's the second-most expensive SMG in its category.

It boasts a damage output of 29, a rate of fire of 750 rounds per minute, and a magazine capacity of 30. The MP7 has an effective range of 14 meters and a longer reload time of 3.1 seconds.

The weapon is praised for its low recoil and high damage, enabling two-headshot kills against helmeted adversaries.

However, its high damage drop-off at range and longer reload time limit its effectiveness in certain combat scenarios, particularly against full-buy opponents.





MP5 SD_in_Counter Strike_2


The MP5-SD, also priced at $1500, is known for its stealth attributes, making it a choice pick in force-buy or anti-eco rounds.

It has a damage rating of 27, a fire rate of 750 rounds per minute, and carries a standard 30-round magazine. Its accurate range is 15 meters, and it takes 3 seconds to reload.

The silencer-equipped MP5-SD allows for stealthy play, making it ideal for players who prefer a lurking role.

Like other SMGs, it suffers from significant damage falloff at a distance and is less effective in full-buy rounds.





P90_in_Counter Strike_2


The P90, with its heftier price tag of $2350, offers a larger magazine size and one of the highest rates of fire among SMGs.

It delivers 25 damage per shot, has a rate of fire of 857 rounds per minute, and boasts a 50-round magazine. The P90 has an effective range of 10 meters and a reload time of 3.3 seconds.

Its slightly controllable recoil, even at longer ranges, and large magazine size make it suitable for run-and-gun tactics.

However, its cost-effectiveness is questionable, especially when compared to alternatives like the Galil-AR, which offers more utility for a lower price.



B Tier SMGs in Counter-Strike 2


The B tier in the SMG category for CS2 includes weapons that, while not the top picks, still hold their ground in specific situations, offering unique advantages to players.





UMP 45_in_Counter Strike_2


The UMP-45, accessible to both Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist factions, is priced at $1700. It stands out for its superior armor penetration among SMGs.

It delivers a substantial 35 damage per shot, with a slower fire rate of 666 rounds per minute. The UMP-45 has a 25-round magazine, an effective range of 11 meters, and a longer reload time of 3.5 seconds.

Its greatest strength lies in its armor penetration capability, coupled with a very affordable price, making it an ideal choice during force-buy rounds.

The major drawback is its slower rate of fire, which can be a significant handicap in fast-paced skirmishes. Additionally, its performance drops during full-buy rounds against well-equipped enemies.





PP Bizon_in_Counter Strike_2


Known for its high magazine capacity, the PP-Bizon, priced at $1400, is a budget-friendly option for sustaining in-game economy.

It features a damage output of 27, a rate of fire of 750 rounds per minute, and a massive 64-round magazine. The PP-Bizon's effective range is 10 meters, with a quick reload time of 2.4 seconds.

Its high-capacity magazine is a significant advantage in prolonged firefights, especially in eco-rounds against unarmored opponents.

However, its low damage output and poor performance against armored adversaries make it a less desirable choice in more competitive rounds.





Our exploration of the SMG Tier List in Counter-Strike 2 highlights the diverse arsenal available to players, each with its unique strengths and situational benefits. From the run-and-gun efficiency of the S tier's MAC-10 and MP9 to the balanced offerings in the A tier like the MP7, MP5-SD, and P90, and the situational utility of B tier's UMP-45 and PP-Bizon, CS2 offers a range of SMGs to suit various combat scenarios and economic strategies.


Ultimately, the best SMG choice depends on your play style and the specific demands of each game situation. We encourage players to experiment with these options to find the perfect fit for their tactical approach in CS2, enhancing both their gameplay experience and competitive edge.

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