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The Best AWP Skins in 2024

The Best AWP Skins in 2024
Written by: GreenMcqueen

The AWP sniper rifle is especially popular in CS2. This is because it can defeat an opponent with just one hit. Even one shot will be enough.


In addition to its potential, it boasts beautifully colored skins. They appear constantly in the game. There are already many unique skins specifically for AWP on trading platforms. Users like different designs, especially the awp paw with a very non-standard design.


Skins differ in cost and appearance, but the weapon’s characteristics remain the same.


AWP | Asiimov




AWP | Asiimov is one of the most popular skins in the game. The rifle has a unique design. Its body is white and decorated with a black- and bright orange-striped pattern that creates a real storm of positive emotions during the game.


The cost of this skin starts at $56.



AWP | Redline




Quite an interesting skin from a design point of view. Its minimalistic design incluses red lines on the body. There are no drawings on it and it will not unduly distract from the gameplay.

The skin has only three exteriors:

  • Factory New;
  • Minimal Wear;
  • Field-Tested.


The difference is the abrasion of some body parts and a slight loss of paint. The minimum cost of a skin is $27.



AWP | Medusa



This is a fairly rare skin that costs $1,730. At the end of the body of this weapon, there is a special design of a woman with jellyfish hair. The snakes in Medusa's hair have a scaly texture, and there is a green tint on the skin and eyes of the snakes and at the tip of the barrel. This feature is popular with a huge number of users who purchase it.







We have already noted that the skin has an interesting design for a weapon. The faces of cute animals are painted on the body, contrasting against the weapon’s power. The combination of a threatening weapon and an interesting design makes it a great purchase. Moreover, this is a very budget skin: you can buy awp paw for $0.86.



AWP | Pit Viper




AWP | Pit Viper is also a fairly budget skin. Its cost in the Battle-Scarred exterior starts at $0.28, and $0.35 for the Minimal Wear exterior. (The Factory New exterior does not exist in this skin.)

The body of this model has a snakeskin design, while the sight itself remains in the usual black color. There's nothing else on it. The same as AWP | Redline, this skin is created for lovers of simplicity.





AWP skins have unique colors and unusual designs. At the same time, there are budget and expensive skins. They can bring both aesthetic pleasure and real income. It is important to buy popular skins, follow trends, and sell at the right time.


You should choose a reliable platform where there will be the best prices for skins, a convenient interface, and the ability to withdraw funds using payment systems. Such a platform could be DMarket, which has gained the trust of CS2 players and has many positive reviews on specialized forums.

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