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How to kick yourself in CS2

How to kick yourself in CS2
Written by: iamharoongill

In Counter-Strike 2, players may occasionally find themselves in situations where leaving a match is necessary, whether due to real-life emergencies or in-game complications. While the game typically doesn't allow you to vote yourself off, there is a workaround using the developer console.


This article will guide you through the unconventional yet effective method of self-ejection from a game by enabling the developer console and executing a series of commands, thus allowing you to initiate a kickvote against yourself without disrupting the match's flow.




Enable the Developer Console


Enable_the_Developer Console in CS2


To harness the full capabilities of Counter-Strike 2, enabling the developer console is essential, especially if you're aiming to initiate a self-kick. Here's a straightforward guide to unlocking this powerful tool:


  1. Navigate to Settings: Launch Counter-Strike 2, and in the main menu, locate and click on 'Options' to delve into the game's settings.
  2. Access the 'Game' Tab: Within the settings, find the 'Game' section, which houses various gameplay settings and options.
  3. Activate Developer Console: Scroll through the options until you find 'Enable Developer Console (~).' Toggle this option to 'Yes' to activate the console.
  4. Open the Console: With the developer console enabled, press the tilde key (~), typically situated right below the 'Esc' key at the top left corner of your keyboard. This key serves as the gateway to the developer console, where you can input commands for various actions, including initiating a self-kick.



Steps to Kick Yourself from a Game




Once you've successfully enabled the developer console in Counter-Strike 2, you can proceed with the steps to initiate a vote to kick yourself from a game. Follow these instructions carefully:


  1. Opening the Developer Console:
  • With the game running, press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard. This action brings up the developer console, a powerful in-game tool where you can enter various commands.
  1. Using the 'status' Command:
  • In the developer console, type the word status and press Enter. The game will then display a detailed list of all players currently in the match, including unique identifiers for each player.
  1. Identifying Your Player Number:
  • Within the information displayed from the status command, locate your username. You'll find a number to the left of your name. It is your player number (also referred to as your UserID) for the current session.
  1. Inputting the 'callvote kick' Command:
  • Now, type in callvote kick, followed by the space bar, and then your player number. For example, if your player number is 47, you would type callvote kick 47.
  • Hit Enter after typing the command, and this will trigger a vote to kick you from the game.


After entering this command, the rest of your team will need to vote on whether to kick you from the match. It's important to note that this should be done responsibly and with consideration for the gameplay experience of others.


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Understand the Vote Kick Process




Understanding the Vote Kick Process in Counter-Strike 2 is vital for any player considering initiating a self-kick. Here's how it functions and the importance of team cooperation in this process:



How the Vote Kick Prompt Works:


  • After entering the callvote kick command with your player number, the game will present a voting prompt to all the players on your team. This prompt asks whether they agree to kick you from the game.
  • The prompt is usually displayed on the left side of the screen for all team members, and they will have a limited time to cast their vote.



The Requirement for Team Cooperation in the Vote:


  • For the kick vote to pass, a majority of your teammates must vote "Yes" to the prompt. The exact number of votes needed can vary based on the total number of players in the game.
  • Since you cannot vote to kick yourself, your teammates' willingness to cooperate is crucial. It is generally easier to obtain their agreement if the reasons for your desired exit are communicated clearly and are reasonable.
  • Bear in mind that abusing this feature can lead to negative experiences for others and may impact your reputation within the game's community.


Always remember that the vote kick process is a democratic system within the game, and it should be used judiciously and respectfully, keeping the enjoyment and fairness of the match in mind for all players involved.


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The Implications of Being Kicked vs. Leaving


In Counter-Strike 2, how you exit a game can have significant implications, thanks to the Trust Factor system. Here's an exploration of what it means to be kicked versus opting to leave a match:



Introduction to Trust Factor and Its Implications:


  • The Trust Factor is an algorithm designed to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. It considers various aspects of your behavior, such as playtime, account age, and reports from other players.
  • This system aims to match players with similar scores, so consistently negative behaviors could pair you with other players who have a lower Trust Factor.



The Consequences of Leaving a Game Early:


  • Abandoning a game early can lead to penalties, including temporary bans from matchmaking, which increase in severity with repeated infractions.
  • Frequent leaving can negatively affect your Trust Factor, leading to longer wait times for games and potentially less enjoyable matches with other negatively scored players.



Benefits of Being Kicked Over Leaving the Match:


How to Vote Kick Yourself in CS2


  • If you're kicked from a match by a majority team vote, the repercussions tend not to be as severe when compared to leaving voluntarily.
  • Being kicked may not affect your Trust Factor as drastically as abandoning the game does, meaning your matchmaking experience and waiting times may not suffer as much.
  • It allows you to avoid the abandonment penalty and the associated cooldown period from matchmaking.





The self-kick feature in Counter-Strike 2 should be treated as a last resort, not a regular escape route. Its judicious use is crucial to maintaining the game's competitive spirit and your own standing within the community. Uphold the principles of good sportsmanship by communicating openly with your team and apologizing if you need to leave.


Being a considerate teammate not only enhances your gaming experience but also that of your peers. Counter-Strike 2 thrives on teamwork and respect; use the self-kick option wisely to keep the game fair and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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