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How to Find the TMNT Driftboard in Fortnite

How to Find the TMNT Driftboard in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Fortnite's landscape is ever-evolving, and the latest buzz is the Fortnite x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) collaboration. This partnership has brought an exciting mix of new skins, NPCs, and the much-anticipated return of Driftboards, now with a TMNT twist! Since their last appearance in Chapter 4, Driftboards have been missed by the community. Now, they're back in Chapter 5, allowing players to skate around the map with unprecedented style and speed.


In this guide, we'll dive into every nook and cranny of the Fortnite map to reveal where you can find these coveted TMNT Driftboards. Whether you're a fan of Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, or just love the thrill of the ride, we've got you covered on how to find the TMNT Driftboard in Fortnite.




The Return of Driftboards with a TMNT Twist




The Fortnite universe is no stranger to exciting collaborations, and the latest buzz comes from the sewers of New York City, home to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With the Fortnite x TMNT collaboration, the game has reintroduced Driftboards to the map, but this time, they come with a special TMNT flair. These aren't your ordinary Driftboards; they're a nod to the iconic turtle quartet, enhancing the gameplay experience with a mix of nostalgia and modern action.


The addition of TMNT Driftboards pays homage to the beloved franchise and offers players new ways to explore and engage with the vibrant world of Fortnite. Whether you're dodging bullets or racing to the next battle, these Driftboards add a layer of excitement and mobility that aligns perfectly with the dynamic nature of the game.



Where to Find TMNT Driftboard in Fortnite




Finding a TMNT Driftboard in Fortnite can turn an ordinary match into an extraordinary adventure. These coveted boards are scattered across various Points of Interest (POIs) on the Chapter 5 map, with a total of 20 Driftboards up for grabs. For those eager to ride in style, here's where you can find them:


  • Rebel's Roost: Discover 1 TMNT Driftboard waiting near the entrance, ready to whisk you away.
  • Snooty Steppes: Look near the westernmost house for a lone Driftboard.
  • Lavish Lair: Search the outhouse south of the main house to find 2 Driftboards.
  •  Classy Courts: Right at the entrance, 2 Driftboards are stationed for a quick getaway.
  • Ritzy Riviera: Near the road, 2 more Driftboards await.
  • Fencing Fields: Near the fountain and the northeastern end, 2 Driftboards can be found.
  • Reckless Railways: The jackpot location with 4 Driftboards scattered around the entrances and the railway station.
  • Pleasant Piazza: 2 Driftboards are stationed next to the road, ready for action.
  • Hazy Hillside: Explore around the northwest house and near the roundabout to find 2 Driftboards.
  • Grand Glacier: Near the main hotel road, 1 Driftboard lies in wait, with another hidden at a Society base northeast of the Glacier.


Armed with this knowledge, you're now ready to embark on a hunt for the TMNT Driftboards. Remember, these aren't just modes of transportation; they're your ticket to experiencing Fortnite in a whole new way, blending speed, style, and the spirit of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



How to Use TMNT Driftboard in Fortnite




The TMNT Driftboards in Fortnite offer a unique blend of mobility and style, making traversing the game's vast landscape both efficient and fun. Using a Driftboard is intuitive; simply approach one and interact to hop on. Once aboard, you'll find the controls familiar if you've used vehicles in Fortnite before. Accelerate with the forward movement key or button, and steer with your directional inputs. The Driftboard's standout feature is its nitro boost, allowing for a quick burst of speed - perfect for evading enemies or closing in on your next target.


Additionally, the jump function isn't just for avoiding obstacles; it's your gateway to performing aerial tricks, adding flair to your gameplay while navigating the map. The TMNT Driftboard hover capability ensures smooth passage over various terrains, ensuring your journey is unhindered, whether you're crossing water, gliding over grass, or darting through the snowy expanses. Remember, while the Driftboard is durable, it's not indestructible. Keep an eye on its health bar to avoid unexpected dismounts during critical moments.


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Strategies for Using TMNT Driftboards in Gameplay




Mastering the TMNT Driftboard isn't just about moving from point A to B; it's about leveraging its capabilities to enhance your strategic play in Fortnite. Here are several strategies to consider:


  • Stealth and Speed: Use the Driftboard's speed and agility to navigate the map quickly, avoiding engagements or repositioning for a tactical advantage. The silent hover feature allows for a stealthier approach compared to louder vehicles, making it ideal for surprise attacks or quick escapes.
  • High Ground Advantage: Quickly reach elevated positions for scouting or sniping by using the jump and boost features. The Driftboard's mobility can be a game-changer in securing high ground before your opponents.
  • Trick Points for Health: Performing tricks on the Driftboard isn't just for show; it can regenerate your health, adding a layer of strategy to its use. Engage in trick sequences while traversing to maintain peak conditions for upcoming battles.
  • Team Coordination: In team play, use Driftboards for rapid redeployment, ensuring your squad can move as a cohesive unit or flank opponents efficiently. The board's speed makes it an excellent tool for quick rescues or regrouping.
  • Creative Engagements: Experiment with using the Driftboard in combat, such as shooting while moving to make yourself a harder target. The ability to quickly dismount means you can transition from mobility to combat readiness in an instant.


Incorporating these strategies can significantly impact your gameplay, turning the TMNT Driftboard into more than just a mode of transportation. It becomes a versatile tool in your arsenal, capable of shifting the dynamics of an encounter, providing tactical advantages, and offering creative ways to engage with the world of Fortnite.





As we've navigated through the ins and outs of finding and mastering the TMNT Driftboard in Fortnite, it's clear that this addition is not just a mode of transport but a game-changer that brings a fresh wave of strategy and excitement to the Fortnite universe.


Whether you're zooming through the streets of Pleasant Piazza or executing aerial tricks over the Grand Glacier, the Driftboard offers a unique blend of mobility, style, and tactical advantage. Embrace the spirit of adventure that comes with the Fortnite x TMNT collaboration, and let the Driftboard elevate your gameplay to new heights.

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