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How to Get TMNT Krang Back Bling for Free in Fortnite

How to Get TMNT Krang Back Bling for Free in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Dive into the action-packed world of Fortnite's latest event, featuring the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). Among the plethora of skins and cosmetics up for grabs, stands out the unique Krang Back Bling, a must-have for fans and players alike. The best part? It's available for free!


This guide will walk you through the steps to unlock the Krang Back Bling at no extra cost during the thrilling TMNT event. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the Fortnite universe, this event promises to blend the excitement of TMNT with Fortnite's dynamic gameplay. Let's explore how you can add this exclusive cosmetic to your collection without spending a dime.




Overview of TMNT Event in Fortnite




Fortnite's universe merges with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in an event that brings a slice of nostalgia and fresh excitement to players around the globe. This crossover event showcases a variety of skins, emotes, and cosmetic items themed around the beloved TMNT franchise. Players can immerse themselves in themed quests, engage in battles adorned with TMNT references, and unlock exclusive items that celebrate the legacy of these iconic characters.


Among the highlights is the introduction of the Krang Back Bling, a unique accessory that adds a touch of villainous flair to your Fortnite avatar. The TMNT event is a limited-time celebration, offering a blend of action, adventure, and the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards by participating in event-specific challenges.



Steps to Unlock TMNT Krang Back Bling for Free




Unlocking the TMNT Krang Back Bling for free in Fortnite is an exhilarating quest that requires dedication and a bit of strategy. Here’s how you can secure this coveted item:


  • Complete the Cowabunga Quests: Players must collect all six Blueprints available through the Cowabunga Quests. Each quest phase offers a unique Blueprint, making it essential to participate in each event phase.
  • No Battle Pass Purchase Required: The beauty of this event lies in its accessibility. Players do not need to buy the premium TMNT Battle Pass to unlock the Krang Back Bling. It stands as a free reward for completing the quests, ensuring all players have a fair chance to claim this exclusive cosmetic.
  • Quest Phases and Timing: The event is structured around six phases, each with its own set of challenges:
    • Stick to the Shadows quests
    • Gear Up! quests beginning on February 12th
    • Cowabunga Clash quests starting on February 15th
    • Give ‘Em Shell quests on February 18th
    • Showdown Shred quests from February 21st
    • Shellebrate quests kick off on February 24th
  • Engagement and Persistence: Stay engaged with the event and complete the five quests within each phase. With a total of six phases, you’re looking at completing at least 30 quests to gather all six Blueprints.



How to Collect Blueprints in the Fortnite x TMNT Event




Collecting Blueprints is a central part of unlocking the coveted Krang Back Bling in Fortnite's exciting TMNT event. These Blueprints are your ticket to not only obtaining the Back Bling but also immersing yourself in the TMNT-themed challenges that Fortnite has crafted for its players. To collect these Blueprints, players must navigate through the Cowabunga Quests, a series of themed challenges that span across six distinct phases.


Each phase offers a unique Blueprint upon completion, making it essential to participate and complete quests from all phases. From "Stick to the Shadows" to the celebratory "Shellebrate" quests, each set of challenges brings you one step closer to adding the Krang Back Bling to your collection. Keep an eye on the quest start dates and make sure to participate in each phase to collect all six Blueprints.



Strategies for Completing Cowabunga Quests


Successfully completing the Cowabunga Quests requires both strategy and perseverance. Here are some strategies to help you navigate through these quests more efficiently:


  1. Plan Your Playtime: Keep track of the quest phases and their start dates. Planning your playtime around these dates ensures you don't miss out on any quests and the Blueprints they offer.
  2. Focus on Objectives: Each quest has specific objectives. Focus on what each quest requires and tailor your gameplay to meet these objectives. This might mean playing more aggressively in some matches or focusing on exploration and collection in others.
  3. Utilize Teamwork: Some quests might be easier to complete with a squad. Team up with friends or other players to tackle challenges that benefit from coordinated efforts. Communication and teamwork can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to complete quests.
  4. Adapt Your Strategy: Be prepared to adapt your strategy based on the quest requirements. Some might require you to engage in battles more frequently, while others could involve searching for items or specific locations. Flexibility in your gameplay approach is key.
  5. Keep an Eye on Progress: Regularly check the Quests tab in-game to monitor your progress. This helps you stay on track and ensures you're focusing on the right objectives.


By following these strategies, players can efficiently complete the Cowabunga Quests, collect all six Blueprints, and unlock the TMNT Krang Back Bling for free. Remember, the event is time-limited, so make the most of your time in Fortnite to secure this unique item.





Unlocking the TMNT Krang Back Bling in Fortnite is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles within the game. By completing the Cowabunga Quests, players can secure this unique cosmetic item for free without purchasing the premium Battle Pass.


This event brings the thrill of TMNT to Fortnite and challenges players to engage in a series of quests, enhancing their gameplay experience. Remember to plan your playtime, focus on objectives, and perhaps team up with friends to make the most out of this event. Don't miss your chance to showcase the Krang Back Bling in Fortnite and celebrate the legacy of TMNT in style!

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